30 Creative Ideas for Content Creation at Your Event

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Events are treasure troves of priceless content creation opportunities for #EventProfs. The content generated at a single event can nourish your social media and blog for weeks if not months to come. By sharing valuable content pieces, you're able to engage your online event community and significantly extend the life cycle of your conference.

Therefore, content creation becomes one of the most crucial tasks in order to market your event and sustain your community.

I've composed the list of 30 opportunities for creating content at your event to ensure you'll never be without a great idea again. Some of them you're familiar with, some of them might be new to you.

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1. Live tweet: Live-tweeting blends audience participation with live micro journalism.  It's usually the main channel of content distribution during your event. Check out this guide to effective live-tweeting at conferences.

2. Retweet a lot: Your attendees' tweets are an endless source of powerful insights and genuine captures from your event. Retweet them generously.

3. Share speakers' quotes: People have this innate craving for good quotes. Tweet the best quotes from your speakers. They often get loads of reshares.

4. Collect the best tweets: Use the conference hashtag and show them off with Storify. Offer your takeaways in the blog post.

5. Live blog: Live blogging is incredible effective and far-reaching way how to spread the news, especially at large (tech) conferences. Include speakers' quotes, announcements, audience tweets, etc. Take a look at this live-blogging case study from Apple.


6. Video testimonials: Video your attendees and capture their impressions from your event - ask about what they've learnt, which speaker inspired them the most, etc.

7. Video thought leaders: Video thought leaders and get their comments on the topics that are being presented and discussed at your event.

8. Video invites: Video-shoot your attendees and speakers and ask them why people should attend your next event.

9. Video exhibitors: Exhibitors get often overlooked at the events. Have your exhibitors say on the camera how they can help your attendees.

10. Video-shoot speakers and share their videos: Make absolutely sure that you have an agreement with your speakers before you do this.

11. Capture industry predictions: People love predictions. Ask the key figures in the industry to share their views about the upcoming trends in your niche.

12. Share behind-the-scenes video: Video your team how you're setting up or running the event. It gives your event a powerful touch of authenticity and humanity.

13. Shoot time-lapse: Time-lapse videos are still rather underused and therefore can have a strong WOW effect on the viewers. Try to capture the movement of people to magnify the time-lapse effect. Check this article to learn how to take amazing time-lapse video with your iPhone.

14. Record Vines: These looping videos are really captive! You can share them easily via Twitter or Instagram. Humor is the key here! Click here to learn how to use them at conferences.


15. Share poll results from sessions: Get the valuable insights from your audience with live polling appsand tweet the results to your online audience instantly.

16. Q&A: Rarely does a speaker have the chance to tackle all delegates' questions. Using Q&A and polling platform like slido allows you to capture the audience questions so you can work with them after the event. Share them on your social media to trigger a conversation within your community. Or involve you speakers in the post-event Q&A (see below).

17. Post-event Q&A: Email the unanswered questions archived in Q&A platforms to your speakers. Ask them to respond to them in the form of video or a blog post. Your audience will love you for providing them the answers that they didn't hear from the stage. For more tips, take a look at post-event Q&A with the speakers from Pioneers festival.

18. Event Infographics: They are one of the most efficient tools of content marketing. There is so much data accumulated at events these days. It calls for the graphic interpretation. At slido, we've come up with the infographic presenting the audience interaction at the event. Take a look at the one from the Pioneers festival.


19. Share your story: Share your personal challenges from organising your event in the blog post. People crave for genuine stories.

20. How-to blog: Did something work particularly well? What is the key learning take-away from organising your event? Share your lessons with your peers.

21. Answer an FAQ: Do you have a question about your event that your delegates ask you a lot? Answer it on social media, in the blog post or in the video.

22. Invite delegates to submit their blog posts: Leverage the potential of the crowd and ask your delegates to share their stories from your conference - main takeways, how-to's, recommendations, key learnings, etc.

23. Share your speakers' bios: Spice it up with additional questions about their professional life. It's win-win. You get a great content with no effort and your speakers get more visible.

24. Share conference takeaways: Compose a slideshare with the event highlights from each day. Include various media formats - pictures, tweets, quotes, etc.

25. Thank you note: As obvious as it may sound. Send a thank you note to your delegates.


26. Collect selfies: Selfies are the new autographs. And at conferences, where people have the chance to meet their "heroes" and colleagues, they take a lot of them. Share them! People love capturing and reliving the joyful moments.

27. Publish candid photos: While you often need to wait for couple of days for the official pictures, you can share attendees' candid captures instantly. Do that! Moreover, they look more authentic!

28. Sneak peak photos: Whet your delegates' appetites by showing a sneak peek of your event being set up, hotel lobbies, surrounding area, etc.

29. Post a photo collage: Create a photo collage from tons of pictures accumulated at your conference. A tool like PicMonkey can help you create one.

30. Share speakers' presentations: Sometimes content is already there, just needs to be shared. ALWAYS ask your speakers for permission to share their presentations!

What content do you create at your events?

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