Kyndi Webinar: The Need for Explainable AI

The term "black box" has long been used in science and engineering to denote technology systems and devices that function without divulging their inner workings. The inputs and outputs of the "black box" system may be visible, but the actual implementation of the technology is opaque and hidden from understanding.
To realize the full potential of artificial intelligence, trust is crucial. Trust comes from understanding -- and being able to justify -- the reasoning behind an AI system's conclusions and results.
Join Kyndi for this complimentary on-demand webinar and learn about:
  • How our Explainable AI addresses DARPA's (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) concerns for lack of transparency in AI
  • The visibility of Explainable AI and how it allows users to have confidence in the system's outputs, be aware of uncertainties, and anticipate how the software will work in the future
  • The importance and impact of Explainable AI and what is means for your agency

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Kyndi Gov Team at Carahsoft Technology Corporation

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