DISA/Joint Service Provider (JSP) Cybersecurity Stand-down

Calling all technology providers!


DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) and JSP (Joint Service Provider) are seeking "trusted partnerships" to better manage all the IT and cybersecurity services inside the Department of Defense.


At DISA/JSP's 2020 Cybersecurity Awareness Forum, attendees will examine the agencies' cybersecurity readiness, learn better security practices, complete trainings and look for technologies that can connect and protect warfighters in cyberspace. The theme for this Forum will be "The Future and Challenges in Cyber for 2020 and Beyond".  Can you help DISA/JSP:

  • Modernize the technical infrastructure that supports their 38,000 customers in the National Capital Region?
  • Advance their full range of IT equipment, services, solutions and customer support for the Office of the Secretary of Defense?
  • Standardize their servers?
  • Migrate the Pentagon's networks to the joint regional security stacks?

Then, this is an unequaled opportunity to meet with the top talent at DISA and JSP, who are the gate keepers to defensive IT choices and spending.

Help DISA/JSP with their vision to enable every mission: Sign up today.


About DISA


DISA provides IT and secure communications services across the DOD and military service branches. It is in charge of the funding and personnel that offer most of the IT services for the Pentagon and other DOD offices inside the National Capital Region, and has superior mission- and budget-authority.


About JSP


Established in 2015, JSP is a subcomponent of DISA that reduces redundancies and unifies/improves the way that IT capabilities are delivered around the Pentagon. It is the go-to IT service provider for the defense community inside and around the Capital Beltway. Their holistic approach to IT management delivers dependable IT services, enhances network security and reduces overall IT costs. JSP’s support ultimately ensures that efforts and resources are appropriately allocated toward the Department’s mission success.

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DOD & Military, DISA

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Thu, Jul 30, 2020, 9:00am - 1:00pm

Exhibit Dates
Thu, Jul 30, 2020


This event is for DISA and JSP personnel:  $0.00

Apex 9&10, Sessions: Pentagon Library/ Conference
Washington, DC

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