Emergency National Virtual Discussion - Determining Short-term versus Longer-term Online Learning Strategies

March 11th marked our first day of the sharply different reality in America.

March 18th we surveyed nationally and had 17,075 responses in under 4 hours. 

50% of the respondents volunteered to be on virtual discussions. 

While we have been working feverishly to schedule some of those as anchor speakers, we are constantly on calls with districts seeking advice and candor.


Learning Counsel has marshalled the EduJedi to answer the concerns ripped from the conversations we're already having.


Let's get this thing done and be the better for it for America's students. Register right now and pass it on!


How long will you be out? Should you try to continue as usual or jump over to just continuing any learning? What are pros and cons of different strategies? Should you anchor your strategy around what students need or what you can actually pull off based on parent involvement, devices, teacher readiness and the type of digital resources you have or could get quickly?

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Tue, Apr 7, 2020, 11:00am - 12:30pm PT


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