Department of State Virtual Information Resource Management (IRM) Workshop

Join FBC for a virtual workshop at the Department of State Information Resource Management (IRM). This event brings together the information management officers from all over the world. For the first time – since the workshop will be virtual this year – the IT staff from locations around the globe will also be invited to participate. Usually, about 200 IMOs register, but this virtual expansion will allow for more than 1,000 Department of State employees to participate.

Both the Vendor Sessions and Exhibit Hall will be held for 3 hours per day over a 3-day period (making it possible for attendees from all over the world to experience the event):  Tuesday, 10/20:  8am - 11am EDT, Wednesday, 10/21:  4pm - 7pm EDT, Thursday, 10/22:  9am - 12pm EDT

The IMO is the senior IRM person at this post. The IMO supervises IRM services, operations and the activities of post IRM personnel. The IMO reports to the management officer and is responsible for the following:

1. Internet and Intranet: The IMO ensures proper security configurations and service availability of internet and intranet sites within the scope of the Department's guidelines, which are provided by Diplomatic Security (DS) and IRM.

2. Logistics and Infrastructure:

  • (a) Based on input from the IPO and ISO, or other IRM staff when appropriate, the IMO finalizes lifecycle replacement costs and schedules in keeping with the Department's general replacement cycles. These schedules support funding requirements outlined in the post IRM budget plan and in the MSRP and serve to ensure that all equipment is updated/replaced periodically; and
  • (b) The IMO provides procurement guidance on IRM equipment to other mission sections or agencies. This is especially true for equipment used in controlled access areas (CAA).


  • (a) The IMO, as the senior IRM officer, reports to the post's management officer. The IMO oversees all IRM operations and personnel at post;
  • (b) The embassy IMO, in coordination with RIMC, is the first point of contact for all constituent posts for IRM issues and assistance. The IMO periodically visits each constituent post to assess its IRM operations, equipment, and infrastructure;
  • (c) The IMO advises post management when staffing levels and workloads warrant requests for temporary duty (TDY) assistance. Similarly, the IMO advises post management if staffing levels and workloads permit rendering TDY assistance to constituent posts when requested; and
  • (d) For posts without an IPO and/or ISO, the IMO assumes the IPO/ISO responsibility. The IMO at such a post may delegate elements of those roles, as appropriate, to IMSs at post.


  • (a) The IMO is responsible for effective, efficient, and secure IRM operations at post;
  • (b) As the focal point for all telecommunications issues, the IMO oversees the planning of alternate routes and contingencies for all IRM programs at post;
  • (c) The IMO is the post's accountable property officer for IRM equipment and assets. Working closely with the general services office (GSO), the IMO confirms the accuracy of the relevant inventories, including Consular Affairs (CA) IRM assets, and ensures that all CAA equipment is ordered and shipped in accordance with regulations; and
  • (d) All IRM projects, plans, and issues are reported to the IMO.

Planning and Reporting:

  • (a) The IMO is responsible for the post's Information Technology (IT) Contingency Plan and for ensuring that it is fully coordinated with the post's Emergency Action Plan (EAP). In addition, the IMO assists post with site contingency plans and contributes to the IRM component of the post’s MSRP development; and
  • (b) The IMO participates in relevant portions of the post's reporting requirements and ensures that these requirements are integrated with the Department’s overall IT Strategic Plan; updates Annex A, Communications, of post's EAP; and prepares quarterly ICASS reports for IRM services.


  • (a) The IMO ensures that all personnel in the IRM section are current on all security regulations, awareness, and guidelines as they pertain to IRM operations, equipment, and infrastructure;
  • (b) The IMO serves as the post's alternate Top Secret control officer or delegates that responsibility;
  • (c) The IMO is the post's communications security (COMSEC) officer and, with the COMSEC custodian, maintains the integrity of all COMSEC assets at post;
  • (d) The IMO ensures proper safekeeping of classified materials and equipment in the IRM section in accordance with Department security guidelines; and
  • (e) The IMO works closely with the ISSOs, system administrators, and RSOs implementing the Department's Automated Information Systems (AIS) security program on all classified and unclassified IRM networks at the mission and/or at constituent posts.

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Tue-Thu, Oct 20-22, 2020, 8:00am - 11:00am

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Tue-Thu, Oct 20-22, 2020


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