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Connect your Mainframe to API Ecosystems
APIs have become the standard way of connecting applications, data and devices in our increasingly connected economy. And the good news is that your valuable mainframe applications and data can easily participate by providing APIs or consuming APIs.Learn how to:• Unlock the hidden value of your data and unique capabilities• Connect to an API management platform• Extend your reach to new customers and partners• Create new so...
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An EA Approach to Technology Business M...
Enterprise Architecture as a practice is well understood by IT teams due to well-understood categorization models for tracking and managing assets. IT Finance Management was driven by accounting standards that we often poorly aligned to IT assets. Now, TBM is bringing a complete methodology to both Business and IT groups within a single enterprise. Learn how Business groups benefit from the foundations of EA, and how IT groups can better under...
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Connect your Mainframe COBOL Applicatio...
Learn how to connect your mainframe COBOL applications to new channels, applications and services with APIs. See how we can help you service-enable COBOL programs and generate powerful APIs to connect your mainframe to a greater API ecosystem. Leverage your application business logic to create new capabilities to share and how to consume capabilities offered from extended APIs.
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Improving Your EA Fortunes
Sharing Best Practices In Enterprise Architecture Across Federal Organizations. The fortunes of Enterprise Architects rise and fall based on, not only their skills, but the enterprises themselves. By sharing insights gathered from working with Federal Enterprise Architects in both Civilian and Department of Defense organizations, as well as commercial Aerospace and Defense companies, we can improve the probability of individual success by exam...
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How to Input Data into your EA Tool
Inputting data into your EA tool requires a practical understanding of how data is stored in the tool. EA is based on the concepts of Artifacts and Relationships. This concept implies that you must have the Artifacts created before you can establish the relationship between them. In this webinar we will present examples of artifacts and relationships found in most EA tools, and then provide examples for creating Excel worksheets to load the da...
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Learn How to Leverage the Strength of COBOL
Don’t blame COBOL for today’s problems! These unique systems are built to last and uniquely serve their purpose, reliably and securely. What you need to know is how to expose and re-use the rock-solid COBOL functionality with new technologies and incorporate new capabilities into your core applications—all without scouring the globe for available COBOL programmers to add to your current staff! Join us to learn how to add new...
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