The Possibilities for Big Data

Big Data continues to dominate headlines across almost every industry. With a projected 40% growth in data generated each year, every industry is looking for ways to use this growing resource to make more informed decisions. The possibilities for Big Data are extensive, but we want to highlight some major trends impacting the ways people use Big Data to gain actionable insights.[Tweet "The possibilities for Big Data are extensive #GovEventsBlog"]

  • Internet of Things (IoT) - More and more data is coming from the world around us. Sensors, wearables, and even household appliances are "observing" and collecting data about our lives. This can present complications when it comes to security and privacy, and these issues need to be addressed quickly to ensure this data is used appropriately. With security and privacy controls in place, this sensor data holds tremendous possibilities. For example, this data can help officials and first responders get a real-time look at situations. Sensor data can alert city officials to road and infrastructure issues that need attention, or it can aid first responders in assessing emergency scenes and get help to those that need it most.
  • Democratize access to data - Data does little good if it's only accessible to data scientists, analysts, and IT departments. Organizations should make sure everyone has access to data points relevant to their jobs to ensure the greatest value is derived from the information. The government is taking this one step further with strong open data initiatives. The site opens up data for citizens to use to create programs and systems that can support national challenges such as public health, affordable housing, and climate change.[Tweet "The site opens up data for citizens to use to create programs #GovEventsBlog"]
  • Cloud - Cloud technology has empowered the rise of Big Data by giving organizations the scale they need to store, process, and analyze their data. As government systems move more information into the cloud, Big Data initiatives will continue to grow in support of better intelligence and citizen services.
  • Predictive analytics/machine learning - With the presence of Big Data in every industry, we're now seeing the impact of predictive analytics and machine learning technologies. Systems have gathered enough data over enough time to consistently and accurately predict behaviors and activities. The use of machine learning will become a normal part of almost every organization, helping to personalize experiences, improve investigations, and prevent fraud.

Do these insights have your interest peaked? There are numerous training and education opportunities for both business leaders and data scientists alike to advance the use of data for mission achievement. This September, Big Data Week will bring some of the brightest data minds together in Chicago. This event focuses on the social, political, and technological impacts of big data and beyond.[Tweet "What Big Data trends you are most excited about? #GovEventsBlog"]

There are dozens of upcoming Big Data-related events†posted on GovEvents. The areas of focus are broad and include: cybersecurity, hands-on tutorials, Big Data applications for the intel community, healthcare and more. Let us know what trends you are most excited about and where you go to learn about Big Data.

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