2017 Government Events Outlook

Each year we look ahead and take our best (educated) guesses on what the federal market can expect from events in the coming year. With so many unknowns around the incoming administration, 2017 may be a difficult year for predictions. While the administration does not affect events directly, it does affect those who attend them.

We've dusted off our crystal ball once again. Here is our look at Government Events in 2017:[Tweet "Here is our look at Government Events in 2017. #GovEventsBlog"]

  • Focus on Change - With a business and bottom-line focused administration, change will be more impactful. We expect there to be a flurry of new administration priority briefings in the beginning of the year, followed by events covering the basics of change management and change management best practices.
  • Changes in Speaker Line-Ups - With turnover in leadership at many agencies, potential high profile speakers will be busy learning their new roles and may not immediately be available for speaking opportunities. Conversely, former heads may have more time to speak at events and provide their insight and experience. No matter who is speaking, we also expect shows to lean toward more crowd-sourced, collaborative events.[Tweet "Shows are leaning toward more crowd-sourced, collaborative events. #GovEventsBlog"]
  • Increased Use of Data - Data will be key to ensuring events are delivering value. From providing tailored benefits for sponsors to understanding audience needs and wants, we expect events to look at data closely in 2017. Throughout 2016, we saw an increase in live tweeting at government events. Event planners should be closely following twitter and event-related tweets as another source of data. Knowing what messages are resonating can help event planners better tailor the event in real time and for the future.
  • More Video - We may predict this every year, but 2017 feels like the right time to say it again. With live streaming being so accessible and organizations looking to expand their content beyond the event, we think this year we'll continue to see a rise in video usage at government events.[Tweet "This year we'll continue to see a rise in video usage at government events. #GovEventsBlog"]

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our predictions as well as any insights you may have into 2017 and the outlook for government events. Let us know in the comments.

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