It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over: What To Do After The Event

Return on Investment (ROI). It's a huge priority in buying technology and services. We ask, "How will this solution help us do our jobs faster and more efficiently?" We look for calculations around long-term savings based on an initial outlay of cash. While we are methodical in our ROI calculations for technology development, we're less inclined to look at ROI when it comes to our own professional development. With training oftentimes a volatile line item in budgets, it is important to show the value of these events to employers who are paying for your attendance. Even if you are footing the bill yourself, it's good to know if the money was well spent.

We've written before about how exhibitors can get the most out of their tradeshow investment, but how do attendees ensure they get ROI? We've come up with a couple tips to use as you head into the wave of springtime events.[Tweet "Tips for getting the best ROI as an event attendee. #GovEventsBlog"]

  • Go in with a goal: What are you looking to get out of the event? If you are looking to gain a better understanding of a topic, hold yourself accountable. Talk to your marketing team and ask if you can write a blog post or a short whitepaper on the topic. If you are looking to make connections, set a specific number of people you want to meet or go in with a list of names/job titles that you'd like to connect with. Are you looking for Continuing Education credits? Make sure you get all the right paperwork filled out, collected and filed.
  • Follow-up: Create a plan going into the conference. How will you stay in touch and continue the great conversations you had at the event? This could include connecting on LinkedIn, following them on Twitter, or setting up a certain number of coffee meetings post-event. More than just connecting on a social platform or having a one-off coffee date, make sure you are commenting on their posts, sharing news, and/or arranging future interactions.
  • Look at your notes...immediately: Set aside time the evening after the event to review notes and take action. Download information that you noted as interesting. Create a to-do list or calendar reminders about important dates and activities.[Tweet "Review any notes the evening after the event and create to-do lists. #GovEventsBlog"]
  • Make change: Was there something inspiring or insightful said at the conference that made you look at your work differently? Go ahead and put what you learned into practice immediately following the event. This could be something related to work productivity or interpersonal interaction. It could be a new tech tool that you got some hands-on time with. It could be a different way of architecting an existing technology. Make a move immediately on anything that "made you go Hmmmmm" whether it is making an immediate change or doing research to change down the road.[Tweet "How do you get the most out of events you attend? #GovEventsBlog"]

We'd love to hear from you. How do you get the most out of events you attend to realize your personal ROI?

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