A Salute to Public Service

In an era of intense scrutiny on the way government works (or doesn't work), it is important to take a step back from the national headlines and rhetoric and realize that the vast majority of government functions are carried out by our neighbors and friends. Regular citizens that have chosen to work for city, state, and federal agencies are the key to making sure our streets are clean and safe, the elderly have programs that keep them active and engaged, our schools are meeting the unique needs of our community, and so much more.


With this in mind, the GovLoop NextGen Public Service Awards seemed more needed than ever before. This awards program is designed to give public servants the recognition they deserve. Nominations were open for individuals that demonstrate a commitment to improving government through their intelligence, exuberance, or dedication (and maybe all three). This summer, thirty finalists were announced in five categories. The finalists and category descriptions from GovLoop are included here (winner names are bolded):[Tweet "Congratulations to the @nextgengov Public Service Award Winners! #GovEventsBlog"]

NextGen Exemplary Leader Award Finalists
Government leaders who have demonstrated benevolence, competence, integrity, dedication, and commitment to improve and inspire our communities.

  • Olivia Benford, Parental Engagement Director, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District
  • Raymond Billotte, Judicial Branch Administrator, Maricopa County, Arizona
  • Gina Gonzalez, Economic Development Manager, City of Menifee, California
  • Jenny Kane, Business Intelligence Branch Chief, General Services Administration
  • April Slayton, Assistant Director, Communications, National Park Service

NextGen Innovator Award Finalists
Government leaders who have identified new opportunities and improved their organization in an innovative way. These are people who reimagined a process within their office and improved it or someone who changed the norm and improved results.

  • Marika Bertram, Team Lead for Data Analysis, Office of Field Policy and Management, Housing and Urban Development Department
  • Jennifer Chapman, Digital Communications Manager, City of Johns Creek, Georgia
  • Michael J. A. Davis, Brand Manager & Senior Designer, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, National Institutes of Health
  • Isaiah Morrison, Web Developer & Information Technology Specialist, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, National Institutes of Health
  • Erica Reott, Chief Strategy Officer, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Center for Disease Control
  • Dana Wedeles, Acting Principal Planner, City of Alexandria[Tweet "Individuals that demonstrate a commitment to improving government. #GovEventsBlog"]

NextGen Courageous Champion Award Finalists
Public servants that are blazing the path for their generation in government with courage and determination at the local, national, or international level.

  • Heidi Bernal, Program Technician, USDA Farm Service Agency
  • Brooke Bohnet, Desk Officer, Housing and Urban Development Department
  • Daniel Gordon, City Councilman, City of Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Arlethe Rios, Clerk of the Board, Cochise County, Arizona
  • Ryan Ruggiero, Realty Specialist, GSA Mid-Atlantic Region, Public Buildings Service, Real Estate Acquisition Division
  • Ryan Stubblebine, Interpretive Specialist, National Park Service

NextGen Silent Hero Award Finalists
Public service leaders who have operated behind the scenes, silently working in a dedicated and committed fashion, without the limelight, who have laid the foundation for stellar public service results and community change at the local, national, or international level.

  • Katrina Bach, Sr. Program Analyst, Homeland Security Department
  • Traci McCombs, Management Analyst, National Institutes of Health
  • Minette O'Bryan, Social Worker, Department of Behavioral Health, San Bernardino County, California
  • DuShun Scarbrough, Executive Director, Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission
  • Christine Smith, Defender Services IT Liaison, US Federal Defenders Organization, US Courts
  • Alba Tarre, Assistant Department Director, City of Miami Beach

NextGen Advocate Award Finalists
Individuals dedicated to cultivating talent, mentoring, and helping to guide NextGen public service leaders to become our future community leaders at the local, national, or international level.

  • Peter Bearcomesout, Sr. Firefighter, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Berthilde Dufrene, Chief Nursing Officer, Corrections Based Operations, New York State Office of Mental Health
  • Jerry M.S. Jailall, Education Consultant, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Education Services for the Deaf and Blind
  • Lynne Miller, PIO/Regional Communications Manager, King County Emergency Management
  • Jarvis Parsons, District Attorney, Brazos County, Texas
  • Elizabeth Phillips, Physical Scientist, Environmental Management, Energy Department

The finalists were honored and the winners announced at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit on July 27-28 in Washington, D.C. Please join us in congratulating these winners and mark your calendar for the spring of next year when nominations will open for 2018![Tweet "Mark your calendar for Spring 2018 to nominate your Public Servant. #GovEventsBlog"]

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