2020 Is Not the Year for Hindsight – A Look at Government Priorities

With the government fiscal year starting in October, our Federal government gets a head start on their New Year's resolutions. As we launch into a new year--a new decade, even--we wanted to take a quick look at government technology priorities for 2020 and beyond.

Cybersecurity - In the past decade security has transitioned from a stand-alone technology that had to be added to planning and systems, to a utility-type service that is baked into every piece of technology deployed within government. This fall, Federal CIO, Suzette Kent shared her focus areas for the next year (and beyond) to include cross-agency information sharing, improved identity management, and increased workforce cybersecurity literacy.

Reskilling - The introduction of automation into administrative functions is driving a need for employees to be re-skilled. While machines are not taking over the jobs of humans, they are improving efficiency in many roles, freeing up time for people to take on more complex (and frankly, more interesting and more important) roles within an organization.

Acquisition - Building on the acceptance of cloud and as-a-service offerings, the National Defense Authorization Act includes a consumption-based acquisition provision that allows the DOD to evaluate how consumption-based solutions, which involve an agency getting billed for how much it uses, would affect its contracts. This recent news is emblematic of acquisition reform happening across government. Also related to acquisition, the General Services Administration (GSA) will be finalizing a major schedule consolidation to simplify the way contractors offer products and services and makes it easier for agencies to find those products and services.

Machine Learning - The use of Machine Learning (ML) will continue to grow as agencies look to mine the power of all the data they hold for more transparency and better decision making. In one case, the Department of Transportation (DoT) is using ML to help lawyers and regulation professionals better navigate the complexity of the Department's regulations.

Election Security - In case you have been hiding under a rock, we'd like to remind you there's an election this year. Expect a lot of news around election security technologies and policies.

Cloud - With a Cloud-Smart policy, amended acquisition protocols, and a more mature FedRAMP process to confirm the security of cloud solutions, expect cloud to follow the curve of security - moving from a technology that was bolted on to something that is inherent in every government system.

There are many more trends to watch and new technologies to be introduced. Let us know what you're seeing in your 2020 crystal ball. Share your thoughts in the comments. Visit GovEvents for more government events worldwide.

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