Revisiting DC: A Look at New Event Venues

Location, location, location. It's a mantra for real estate, but it also has a place in the event planning world. While people attend events for the content, the location also holds sway in decision-making process.

Sometimes it's a matter of commute/travel time to get to the location. Other times it's proximity to public transport or ease of parking. Maybe it's simply that a venue is new and people welcome any excuse to check it out.

For event planners, changing locations can provide a fresh perspective on the event content and how it runs. This is especially valuable for long-running events with a built-in audience. Holding the event in a different location forces organizers to rethink how breakouts are organized and what other activities could be woven into the traditional agenda.

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Great Meeting Hotels

Cvent recently came out with their rankings of the top hotels for meetings.  While we cannot validate all of their findings, we know what our GovEvents' members look for in choosing hotels and other venues for meetings.

  • Consolidated management - does the hotel offer A/V and catering as part of the full package? If not, they usually have a list of preferred providers. It is important to see if the hotel will coordinate with those preferred providers or if you will have to mange multiple points of contact. Ideally, members like dealing with a single point person at the hotel for all services offered.

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