A Short History of Shared Services…and What’s Next.

Shared Services in government is nothing new. The idea began in the 1980s with the consolidation of payroll and some other administrative functions. In the '90s the focus was on creating entities that could provide common business functions across government and, in that effort, become a cost center.

The 2000s saw the rise of the term 'Line of Business' that looked at common business functions across government to identify opportunities to transform, streamline and share. The Obama Administration looked specifically to IT as a shared service, releasing the Federal IT Shared Services Strategy that provided federal agency chief information officers and key stakeholders guidance. This guidance focused on the implementation of shared IT services as a key principle of their efforts to eliminate waste and duplication, with the intention to reinvest in innovative mission systems.

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Training Them to Stay

No, GovEvents has not swerved into the land of dog training, instead, we're talking today about employee training. Everyone knows it is costly to recruit new talent. Keeping the talent you have not only saves money in terms of recruiting costs, but also keeps valuable knowledge within the company creating a consistency for customers and fellow employees that is priceless.

Providing great benefits and pay is an obvious retention strategy, but often it's not enough. The employees you want to keep - those that are motivated, engaged, and eager also share a key need - wanting to learn and be challenged. This is where a focus on training comes in. Continue reading