Online or In Person, Job Fair Success Depends on Preparation

Looking for a new job, whether you are currently employed or unemployed, is stressful. Luckily, job seekers have more options than ever when it comes to connecting with employers. Virtual job fairs have come a long way since being widely implemented during pandemic lock downs. A variety of platforms now offer job seekers and recruiters an incredibly interactive experience from the comfort and convenience of home or office. In-person events are now back and provide an outlet for people who feel more effective in a face-to-face environment (or simply just want to get out and mix with people).

However you choose to participate in a job fair, the preparation is key. Job fair organizers stress that it is critical to do your research and go into each event with a plan that includes:

  • What companies do you want to meet with
  • An understanding of those companies' business
  • A list of current open positions of interest

Recruiters should similarly do their homework, looking at registration lists and identifying people they want to attract to their booth. With basic preparation, there are some tips that are unique to each type of event. Continue reading

Does Face-to-Face Networking Mean Seeing Eye-to-Eye?

There has been a lot of media coverage and general talk about the difficulty of attending face-to-face meetings in the government sector. From travel and budget restrictions to just general time crunch issues, getting people together face-to-face feels too hard for many people. But, it is an effort worth making.

Recent surveys have shown that 84% of people prefer in-person meetings.[Tweet "84% of people prefer in-person meetings. #GovEventsBlog"] When asked why, 85% responded that they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships. 49% said they prefer in-person business meetings because they allow for more complex strategic thinking. Maybe this is because it is easier to read body language and tone (as 77% noted). Or maybe it is the inherent bonding that happens in a social setting (75% noted this as a positive aspect of in-person). Continue reading