When Will I See You Again? The Future of Federal Events

The impact of the coronavirus will have a long-lasting effect on the events market. At GovEvents we saw 22% of events listed on the site canceled with no plans to reschedule in 2020 and another 26% of live, in-person events scheduled for March 16 or later moved to virtual. The Federal events market was quick to adapt to ensure learning and professional development has continued while we've all been quarantining, but as conditions allow how and when will the government community be ready to meet again?

Market Connections recently released findings of a survey to gauge how the federal workplace environments have been affected by COVID-19 and how federal employees are adapting. Among the findings, the report painted a picture of what the reception for in-person events will be in the coming year and a half. The results were presented in a webinar along with results from a similar study of the contractor market conducted by the Professional Services Council (PSC).

Webinars and online events have been the only source of learning for the Federal market since mid-March. While 80% of respondents reported attending in-person events prior to March 2020, that number fell to near zero for March onward. 63% of respondents are using webinars more than they have in the past. Despite the novelty of video wearing off, usage is staying steady as the pandemic wears on. Continue reading

AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2013 Brings the Army CIO Community to the Augusta Marriott Convention Center

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"Modernizing for Network 2020 and Beyond: Empower, Connect, Dominate!"

FAIRFAX, Va. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- AFCEA International will host the first TechNet Augusta in the Augusta Marriott Convention Center on September 10-12. The overall theme of this conference and exposition focuses on the Army, including Joint Component interface, other Department of Defense organizations, Inter-Agency, Industry, and Academia, to discuss the importance of the network, security issues, and training to enable operational forces to modernize and be ready to meet emerging challenges in 2020 and beyond. The conference offers numerous training opportunities and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)/CMUs.

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4th Iraq Oil and Gas Summit 2012

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One of the most important medium-term global oil market factors will be Iraq's production capacity build out and output volumes. The country has the potential to be the largest source of incremental global oil market supply in the coming years, but this outcome hinges on a complex web of factors that will be discussed at the 4th Iraq Oil and Gas Summit to be held in Houston this September.

And while Iraqi oil developments monopolize most of the headlines, the country's critically important natural gas industry often flies under the radar. However, gas will increasingly be needed to fire electrical power plants as Iraq's population increases and requires air conditioning, gas-intensive industry jobs, desalinated water and more.

At the same time, natural gas is needed to maintain pressure at producing oil fields and help coax the remaining crude from fields experiencing natural output decline rates, so valuable oil can be exported. Baghdad's fiscal requirements are heavily dependent on oil revenue. All this means the country will need enormous volumes of natural gas developed at great expense by companies that are often more attracted to developing oil.

These topics along with the technical details required to navigate Iraq's challenging investment climate will be discussed at the summit. Specifically, the following topics will be covered:

  • The Present Iraqi Organizational Structure and The Role of Government through the Ministry of Oil
  • Investing in Iraq
  • Prospects for Investments and Projects in the Iraqi Hydrocarbon Sector
  • Iraq Petroleum Contracts and Licensing Regulations
  • Challenges Facing Iraq's Crude Oil Production Industry
  • The Future of the Iraqi Oil and Gas Industry
  • Downstream Development Strategies

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