How will the new Department of Homeland Security’s PS-Prep (Private Sector Preparedness) program affect your businesses?

This session will provide the attendee a thorough understanding of business continuity and disaster recovery, and an understanding of how BCP and PS-Prep will affect all businesses. 
As a result of attending this session, participants will:
  1. Have a better understanding of the risks, the legalities, and the requirements for protecting their business.
  2. Have a thorough understanding of BCP and DRP components, and
  3. Understand PS-Prep and how this new requirement will affect their own organizations.
Further, participants will leave with a GAP Analysis which they can use to survey the level of planning and preparedness in their organizations
Main Ideas
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery -
Our presentation introduces: The Contingency Planning Maturity Model, a corporation’s or owner’s legal responsibilities, understanding and performing a Risk Analysis, understanding the impact of downtime to a business and business units, supply chain vulnerabilities, the Process of Developing a Plan(s), Testing the Plan(s), and Maintaining a Business Contingency and Disaster Recovery Plan. 
PS-Prep -
Our presentation introduces the origins and history of PS-Prep, its development to date, how the private sector preparedness program will affects businesses doing business with the government as well as businesses outside the sphere of government contracting, certifying your business continuity plan, and what auditors will be looking for, and the next phase of PS-Prep.
This presentation is intended for senior and middle management responsible for securing and protecting the business for large, medium, and small organizations.
Presentation Methodologies
Our presentation will be in the form of a lecture and interactive.
The audience will leave with an understanding of how BCP, DRP, and PS-Prep will affect their organization.  They will also leave with a tool to assess their organization’s preparedness.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Patrice Beck Stein Director for Continuity First, Inc

Thu, Aug 26, 2010, 9:00am - 10:30am


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