2016 Dams Sector Information Sharing Drill



The Dams Sector-Specific Agency (SSA) is conducting the 2016 Information Sharing Drill with sector stakeholders to assess communications and information sharing effectiveness within the sector as well as with external agencies.  The drill is designed to test processes and procedures based on the 2015 Dams Sector Information Sharing Resource Guide. Participants must be familiar with the Resource Guide prior to participation in the drill and must have an active HSIN-CI Dams Portal account.





2016 Dams Sector Information Sharing Drill


The Dams Sector Information-Sharing Drill is an annual learning environment for sector stakeholders to identify and assess information-sharing issues and concerns that could potentially affect the sector during heightened threat conditions.


The drill provides an opportunity to evaluate capabilities to receive and share cyber and physical security-related information in response to increasing threats and relevant incidents




The 2016 Dams Sector Information-Sharing Drill will be conducted over a period of 3 days, June 27–29, 2016, followed by a Hot Wash on June 30, 2016 to discuss issues and lessons learned.




This information-sharing exercise provides sector stakeholders with an opportunity to examine internal cyber and physical incident policies, plans, and procedures. In addition, it is intended to identify potential communication or information-sharing gaps and emergency notification procedures at the sector level. The feedback gathered from the Hot Wash will be used to update the current procedures for sector-wide notifications.




The drill focuses on the following objectives:


•   Assess the ability of sector stakeholders to efficiently exchange threat and vulnerability information with each other, all levels of government, and cross-sector stakeholders.


•   Evaluate the timeliness and usefulness of threat and vulnerability information in building sector-wide situational awareness during physical and cyber incidents


•   Identify and analyze physical and cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences to determine if operational changes or enhanced protective measures are warranted


•   Strengthen partnerships across the sector by improving information sharing and collaboration for the purpose of developing best practices and lessons learned that allow all stakeholders to better protect their infrastructure against physical and cyber threats.




The scenario focuses on increased surveillance detected at dam facilities and includes cyber elements and physical implications for dam infrastructure in the United States. To maximize the benefits of the drill, the threat stream focuses on U.S. dam facilities, allowing each player to test their emergency notification procedures under increasing threat conditions.




During the 3-day drill, participants are presented with a scenario describing incidents relevant to the physical and cyber infrastructure of the Dams Sector.


Information is disseminated through bulletins and alerts developed by the Dams Sector-Specific Agency in conjunction with various U.S. Department of Homeland Security components, such as the Office of Intelligence and Analysis and the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, and other Federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


During the exercise, relevant information such as news releases, joint information bulletins, suspicious activity reports, and other alerts and warnings are posted on the Homeland Security Information Network Critical Infrastructure (HSIN-CI) Dams Portal. As the exercise play advances, the drill may also include different types of emergency notifications and teleconferences.


Participation in this sector-wide remote drill should not require more than a few hours per day to review and react to drill injects.



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Please contact the Dams Sector-Specific Agency at dams@hq.dhs.gov for additional information.


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