Spring Intelligence Symposium

The United States, its allies and its partners face enduring threats to national security that challenge the nation’s capabilities. The magnitude, lethality, diversification and simultaneity of the threats and the variety of threat vectors have been termed “unprecedented.” Challenges by near-peer competitors, rogue and unpredictable nation states, and non-state actors will persist for decades even as they morph in scope and complexity. Threats range from strategic nuclear to attacks by individual terrorists. Even space is no longer uncontested. Readily accessible advanced commercial technology increases the challenge to our traditional dominance. Cyber magnifies the size, scope and complexity of these problems. These threats will endure for decades.
Understanding, predicting and countering these enduring threats will require a well-orchestrated effort that combines the participation, innovation and creative thought and capabilities of government, the military, the defense industrial base, non-traditional commercial providers and academia. Shared understanding of the threats, the needs of government and the IC, the plan to counter the threats, and the role that each element must play is essential.
The 2017 Spring Symposium will expand shared awareness of enduring threats, increase appreciation of IC needs and shortfalls, and improve engagement with industry and academia. Speakers and panels will discuss how the government and private sector can work together to ensure that the U.S. and its allies maintain the capability to deter or prevail.  
AFCEA also will honor Ambassador Hugh Montgomery, the 2017 recipient of the AFCEA Charlie Allen Award for Distinguished Intelligence Service.
The Spring Intelligence Symposium Team looks forward to seeing you at the NGA Campus East, Springfield, VA, on April 26-27, 2017, for the AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium.

** The security classification and access level to attend is active, final granted TS/SI/TK. You must have all three parts to attend. Attendees must be U.S. citizens and already be authorized access at this level. Please be sure to register AND pass your clearance.

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Wed-Thu, Apr 26-27, 2017


Active Duty Military/Government Employees:  $80.00
Industry AFCEA Members:  $455.00
Industry Non-Member:  $520.00

NGA Campus East
7500 GEOINT Drive
Springfield, VA 22150
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