Risk Management and Internal Controls - How to Make Your Agency’s Data Work for You to Meet Your A-123 and Internal Control Related Goals

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The United States federal government is rich in data; from public safety to health to agriculture to housing, data is abundant.  With widespread access to the internet, demand and availability of data both inside and outside the government has grown in the last decade, fueling more demand for data and a host of questions about what can be learned to help agency internal controls and risk management activities, and what the future of data should be in those efforts.


This forum will provide learning opportunities on a variety of topics, including:


  • tools to visualize data in managing fraud risk;
  • how agencies are using data and analytics to improve Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and add value;
  • the benefits and attributes of good data quality plans as required in A-123, Appendix A;
  • behavioral analytics to combat fraud;
  • how agencies are approaching the Cross Agency Priority Goal around data, accountability and transparency; and
  • considerations when implementing new technologies like robotic process automation for internal controls.

One of the Administration’s Cross Agency Priority Goals is to leverage data as a strategic asset.  As stated on Performance.gov, “the use of data is transforming society, business, and the economy. Data provided by the Federal Government have a unique place in society and maintaining trust in Federal data is pivotal to a democratic process. The Federal Government needs a robust, integrated approach to using data to deliver on mission, serve customers, and steward resources while respecting privacy and confidentiality.  This CAP Goal will leverage data as a strategic asset to grow the economy, increase the effectiveness of the Federal Government, facilitate oversight, and promote transparency.”


This workshop is designed for the front-line practitioner, manager, or executive who is responsible for sustaining an effective internal controls and risk management program and who is interested in learning more about how other agencies are utilizing their data and data analytics, to help them more efficiently and effectively manage their internal controls and risk management programs.


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Speaker and Presenter Information

Curtis McNeil

Risk Management Officer

Architect of the Capitol

Office of the Chief Financial Officer 

(awaiting approval)


LaTaiga Proctor

Risk Management Officer

United States Census Bureau 

(awaiting approval)


Neil Starzynski

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Department of Labor 

(awaiting approval)


Joshua Vogel

Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management

General Services Administration 

(awaiting approval)

Relevant Government Agencies

Intelligence Agencies, DOD & Military, Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government, CISO's, Risk Management, CFO's

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Wed, Aug 7, 2019, 7:30am - 4:45pm ET


Government Employee:  $895.00

Willard Intercontinental Hotel
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004
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