Pulse compression techniques inside LPI radars: basic principles and technology trends

Pulse compression techniques inside LPI radars: basic principles and technology trends

Thursday, April 23, 2020 14:00 -15:00 EDT


Most radars, such as surveillance and target tracking radars, have to contend with very capable and advanced threats on today’s battlefields. To survive to these countermeasures and accomplish their missions, radars have to hide their emissions from hostile receivers. For this purpose, and to mask their presence, LPI radars use pulse compression techniques not only to improve range detection, resolution, and to become furtive but also to resist mismatched jamming waveforms.

The webinar will start with some basic concepts of power management of LPI radars followed by types of pulse compression. The next step will be some considerations about processing gain, the matched filter, and an example of how these techniques can improve range detection and resolution based on linear frequency modulation. Finally, some technology trends related to pulse compression will be discussed.

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Renan Richter is a Brazilian Air Force P-3 Orion pilot, having served for eight years in patrol squads. During this period he held positions related to EW systems and tactics. He holds the Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Sciences from the Brazilian Air Force Academy (AFA), the Graduate degree in Analysis of Electromagnetic Environment and the Master of Science degree in Space Sciences and Technologies both from the Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA). Currently, integrates the microwave photonics research group at ITA focused on novel processes directed for EW.





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Thu, Apr 23, 2020, 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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