To protect the health and safety of attendees, this event has been rescbeduled due to COVID-19 concerns. 

New Date: 6/24/2021


The UK government takes cyberspace extremely seriously. So much so, it has invested in cyber security and digital growth for the past 10-years. Adopting a Digital First strategy, the UK government has led the way in platforming its services across the Internet, from MOT records, to TV licensing through to Tax Returns and Passport applications. Not only are these services used by the public, but the integrated data is also used by law enforcement and fraud detection services.


Often described as the “second industrial revolution”, Cyberspace continues to facilitate new ways of working, living, communicating and entertaining. It has made it possible to operate across the globe in near real-time and is the single innovation which has delivered more national growth than any before it.


However, as our dependency increases, so do our vulnerabilities. Theft and fraud have also been industrialised by cyberspace. Today, criminals can conduct the equivalent of a single bank robbery at thousands of locations around the world, simultaneously and vanish without a trace. Prosperity is therefore being enabled on both the light and dark sides of the web.


As the UK enters a changing world, we will rely on cyberspace to be an engine of growth, not only for service industries, but also to enable traditional commerce. The emergence of new technologies such as 5G and the Third Generation Internet will accelerate the internet of things, human augmentation, artificial intelligence and robotics. We will see these technologies collide and the output will be as yet unthought of disruptive technologies. Cyberspace is thus the trade route of the 21st Century and, like roads, railways and shipping routes before it, it must be made safe.


Prosperity through the exploitation of cyberspace must be underpinned by security. The trick will be to secure cyberspace while retaining its character – a factor that has helped to incubate ideas, ignite creativity and facilitate innovation. However, over-control the internet and we will suffocate this unique, chaotic capability that expands to meet new needs and put limits on potential opportunities for exponential growth.


Join the AFCEA London Chapter at our TriCyCIS 2020 Conference on 24th June 2020, as we explore the fascinating future of a prosperity underpinned and enabled by security and operational resilience. Be part of this amazing conversation, as we explore how government, industry and academia can have both Security and Prosperity in a Changing World.

Relevant Government Agencies

Intelligence Agencies, DOD & Military, Foreign Governments/Agencies

Thu, Jun 24, 2021, 8:00am - 5:00pm


Retired / not working AFCEA Member:  £75.00
Gov/Mil/Student:  £75.00
Industry Members:  £250.00
Industry Non-Members:  £350.00

University of London
Windsor Building at Royal Holloway
Egham, Surrey GB
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