Cyber Electromagnetic Activities and Signals Intelligence: A Command and Control Framework

"You go to the attack with the most advanced alignments, but you win with the side ones". Modern operations see even actual this quote in two new domains of warfare: electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace. These new domains are potentially accessible from every classic one and represent dimensions that commanders have to schedule and use both during an operation by using 'Sensors' and 'Effector'.

To plan a mission that takes into account actions in these domains requires the use of systems to support the Mission Decision Making Process, capable to assess effects of complex actions and collect Measure of Effectiveness of the played COA.


The presentation will address a possible implementation of a support system that, after the COA development phase of a “Cyber Electromagnetic Activity & Signal Intelligence” (CEMAS), gives support to its Wargaming. The wargaming has a focus on integration of systems, integration of platforms and their kinematic model in real world. Focus is on equipment’s interaction with the spectrum during the operation, using sensors (ESM, ECM CESM, CECM) during missions or intelligence (ELINT, COMINT) and in cyberspace (cyber-attacks simulators and network anomalies revealers in the blue team). In addition, a similar wargaming must necessarily provide people in the loop, so that they can conduct the COA using instances of real command and control and management systems onboard the platforms listed in COA/ECOA.


In the presentation, we will see that such an environment, it becomes itself a System of Systems, with people conducting some features incorporated within the same environment.


In particular, to shape cyberspace attacks we will adopt a taxonomy of cyber-attacks consisting of DoS, MitM and ATP attacks. These attacks, properly declined in the appropriate OSI-layer of the cyberspace and in devices installed on platforms that are in the Area of Interest of the COA, provide a general-purpose tool capable to model the full range of effects present in a cyberspace. Of course, every effect modeled needs a deeper analysis before to be realized in the real world.


In the domain of the spectrum, the presentation will introduce the realization of a virtual layer that model real spectrum through the dissemination of COA-Platform cinematics and sensors models linked to each equipment and effectors on the spectrum. In particular, we will see how the chain of EW and Sigint Datafusion-stack creates Knowledge from Raw Data produced by sensor simulators participating in wargaming of the COA.

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Claudio Santo Malavenda 

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Air Force, Army, Navy & Marine Corps, Intelligence Agencies, DOD & Military, Other Federal Agencies, Coast Guard, National Guard Association, Federal Government, State & Local Government

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Thu, Mar 11, 2021, 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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