Identity Management Symposium

April 21-22, 2021 | Streaming Live

DSI’s 7th Annual Identity Management Symposium will provide a town-hall type forum focused on innovative identity technologies and capabilities that are helping to further develop identity and access management used by the DoD, DHS, Law Enforcement, and Federal Government. This Symposium will detail the various efforts underway by these agencies to leverage biometrics and identity assurance capabilities to improve operational efficiency and to share vital identity intelligence in support of national security efforts.

The 2021 Symposium will address innovative identity management capabilities including Facial Recognition Technologies (FRT) that are helping to enhance operational effectiveness throughout all sectors of government agencies, as well as the intelligence community. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.


2021 Confirmed Speakers Included:

  • Shonnie Lyon, Director, Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), USA
  • Michael Sorrento, SES, Director, Defense Manpower Data Center
  • Col. Senodja “Frank” Sundiata-Walker, USA, PM DoD Biometrics, PEO IEW&S
  • Patricia Janssen, Director, Cybersecurity Architecture & Capability Oversight, Office of the Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity, DoD 
  • Michael Hardin, Director of Policy and Planning at the CBP Entry/Exit Transformation Office, US Customs & Border Protection 
  • Craig I. Watson, Group Manager, NIST 
  • Patrick Grother, Program Scientist, NIST 
  • Roger Westman, Principal Cyber Engineer MITRE Corporation 
  • Topics to be Covered at the 2021 Symposium:

Topics to be Covered at the 2021 Symposium:

  • Developing DFBA initiatives toward biometrics & identity intelligence
  • Enhancing OBIM identity services through advanced biometric identification
  • Modernizing biometric processing capabilities in support of the Warfighter
  • Adopting facial recognition technologies to transform identity intelligence at the US Border
  • Advancing innovative biometric technologies and capabilities to enhance operational effectiveness in the FBI
  • Optimizing identity intelligence in order to protect national security
  • The pros & cons of facial recognition technology in surveillance

At our Symposium You Have the Ability To:


Gain Education & Insight: Walk away with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the most complex issues facing the DoD and Federal Government as it relates to identity and access management.

Build Partnerships: The agenda is designed to allow for ample networking opportunities and the ability to discover some of the latest identity and access management priorities of interest to the DoD and Federal Government.

Influence: Help foster ideas. Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive sessions. Our town hall format is your opportunity to address our speakers with questions or comments on the current mission


Why You Should Attend: 

DSI’s 7th Annual Identity Management Symposium will enhance identity data collection and analysis that provides DoD, DHS, Law Enforcement, and Federal Civilian Organizations with critical capabilities to help identify threats, reduce costs, and target valuable resources where they are most needed. Advances in identity intelligence allow for the discovery of unknown potential threat actors by connecting individuals to other people, places, events, or materials. The Symposium will also focus on analysis of patterns of life to establish baselines and identify abnormalities and measure an actor or group’s potential threat level to U.S. interests.

The 2020 Symposium will address current innovative biometric capabilities such as Facial Recognition Technologies (FRT) that are helping to enhance operational effectiveness throughout all sectors of government agencies, as well as the intelligence community.

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Relevant Government Agencies

Air Force, Army, Navy & Marine Corps, DOD & Military, NASA, Coast Guard, Census Bureau, Federal Government

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Wed-Thu, Apr 21-22, 2021, 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Wed-Thu, Apr 21-22, 2021


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