Workforce Analytics Conference 2021

This event qualifies for 8 CPEs

Theme: Intelligence Capital. How can data help you make the most out of your human capital through smart HR & Management


  • HR Strategic Planning
  • HR AutomationLeverage Human Capital Data
  • AI & HR


Government HR functions are discovering the value of using data analytics to improve the management of their workforce.  You will emerge from this conference with the ability to design and implement an effective strategic workforce planning framework for your governmental organization to enhance your talent capabilities, optimize productivity and address critical skill gaps to future-proof your workforce needs. In addition, you will find out how to utilize scenario planning to identify and address workforce surplus and shortage risks and challenges before they affect your agency. You will also learn how exercising evidence-based decision making with quantitative and predictive workforce analytics can ensure that your workforce is always equipped with the knowledge and capabilities you require currently and in the future to meet citizens’ needs, increase efficiency and public value.

What will I learn?

  • Harness the Power of Big Data
    Get control of your agency’s data sets and harness your data to improve efficiency and outcomes in your agency
  • Detecting and Predicting Performance
    Utilize the four modes of data analytics to detect, analyze, predict, and improve performance
  • Overcome Technical and Cultural Obstacles
    Helpful tips on setting up your data analytics function in government and overcoming resistance
  • Improving Outcomes
    When used effectively, data analytics will help achieve agency outcomes – including saving lives, improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and enhancing citizen services

Speaker and Presenter Information

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Relevant Government Agencies

Intelligence Agencies, Office of the President (includes OMB), Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, Dept of Health & Human Services, Dept of Homeland Security, Dept of Housing & Urban Development, Dept of the Interior, Dept of Justice, Dept of Labor, Dept of State, Dept of Transportation, Dept of Treasury, Dept of Veterans Affairs, EPA, GSA, USPS, SSA, NASA, Other Federal Agencies, Legislative Agencies (GAO, GPO, LOC, etc.), Judicial Branch Agencies, State Government, County Government, City Government, Municipal Government, CIA, FEMA, Office of Personnel Management, National Institutes of Health, FAA, Census Bureau, USAID, National Guard Association, EEOC, Federal Government, State & Local Government, FDA, Foreign Governments/Agencies, NSA, FCC

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Wed, Apr 21, 2021, 9:00am - 5:00pm ET


Individual Registration:  $1095.00 (Until 04/20/2021)

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