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IT SLED Pack is a regional virtual event series that will bring IT Executives together from all levels of government (city, county, and state) and education (schools and colleges). The purpose of this event is to provide real life experiences that executives can learn from, focusing specifically on public sector issues, initiatives, and strategies.

We will have three regional events:


Our first event will be April 6, 2021 for the central region. This is a free event for IT Practitioners. 


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Ed Toner (CIO State of Nebraska) will be giving the opening keynote presentation, "Streamlining Your IT Services." Ed will share how he was able draw on several company acquisition experiences in the commercial sector, to consolidate the state IT services. This project was completed over a 18 month period and amazingly, there were no additional budget dollars asked for. Ed will go through the planning process, selling the concept, calculating RIO for the business units, rolling out the plan, and the lessons learned. Consolidating and standardizing technology has enabled the business units to become more efficient and stable. This project has resulted in substantial savings the business units from the state level all the way down to the county level.


Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace will be giving the closing keynote presentation, "Empowering Your Team For Success." We have heard all about  how technology and process improvement can help take your environments to the next level.  Our closing keynote, Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace, will tie this event together by talking about the driving force behind all of this - our teams.  How can we, as leaders, make sure we do our best to position our teams to be successful? 

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Dept of State, Other Federal Agencies, State Government, City Government, State & Local Government

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Tue, Apr 6, 2021, 9:00am - 12:30pm CT

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