NDIA BI - Added Value Selling Course with The Maher Group

The most important commodity in any business relationship is INFORMATION. Without the most current and relevant data about your customer’s needs you have little to no chance at being able to convey your ‘added value’ propositions. So how do YOU obtain that critical information that makes or breaks winning the contract?


Welcome to the Maher’s Group ‘Added Value Selling Course’ where we teach even the most seasoned business developer how to ask the right questions and unlock your clients specific business needs. In this course you will learn that ‘added value’ is not simply adding ‘bells and whistles’ to your company product or service. In fact, true ‘added value’ comes with helping your customer understand the difference between ‘cost’ and ‘price’ – all while building a partnership based upon using critical information to meet their constantly evolving needs. This course will also teach the business professional how to read and react to different psychological and behavioral personalities in order to quickly establish rapport and build lasting relationships.


At the Maher Group, we pride ourselves in the fact that Added Value Selling is not just another typical business development course. It is a course of action. This is a HANDS-ON, full participation introduction into the world of how to ascertain customer business needs and how to use that information to attach a real dollar amount to your ‘added value proposition’ and win!


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DOD & Military

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Mon, Aug 30 - Wed, Sep 1, 2021, 2:00pm - 6:00pm ET


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NDIA - National Defense Industrial Association

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