Why Zero Trust Is Critical For Managing And Securing Active Directory

The sheer number of cyberattacks, the increased sophistication of attackers, the greater reliance on cloud for remote work—all of these factors point to the fact that adopting a zero trust approach is essential.


It’s not easy, but there isn’t much choice. It’s the best way to gain greater visibility, improve data protection, secure the remote workforce, remain compliant, and prepare for the inevitable. While technology is an important part of zero trust—it couldn’t be achieved without it—it’s important to remember that zero trust is a framework that evolves to meet changing needs.


That’s critical, because adversaries continue to come up with new ways to breach boundaries and access identity. Over the next several years, agencies will need every tool in their arsenal to fight ever-creative, ever-expanding cyber threats. Starting now with a zero trust mindset and framework is the single most important step agencies can take to mount a strong defense.

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