Hybrid Zero Trust Solutions for the Warfighter and Mission-Critical Resources

Uniting Secure Access and Comprehensive Multi-Cloud Security


Please join McAfee Enterprise and Appgate Federal technical executives who will discuss the realities of Zero Trust deployments, how ZeroTrust impacts DoD data protection strategies and how the Air Force is leading the Zero Trust charge for DoD across multiple programs.


The Problem Enterprises need to secure all access for internet, cloud, SaaS and private access—for any user, any device, any resource from anywhere. While this need is not new, three growing trends have created greater importance and urgency:


  • Resources are everywhere: increased rates of cloud-native app development with containers that places more internal apps outside of the corporate data center
  • People are everywhere: the accelerated adoption of remote work means users rely more heavily on BYOD smartphones, laptops and other potentially risky or compromised devices to access corporate assets
  • Evolving threat landscape: attackers are well-funded and getting more sophisticated with ransomware and other tactics, techniques, procedures Legacy technologies haven’t kept up with these changes, proving expensive to scale while complicating and slowing down cloud access.

At the same time, the trends driving demand for secure access to business-critical applications and data are part of a larger movement to detach the corporate network from the data center. This enables work from-anywhere for a distributed workforce, providing connectivity and security as a service from the cloud in a framework known as SASE.


In addition, Appgate SDP securely delivers and enforces McAfee Enterprise PAC files to all users and can deliver specific PAC files based on policy and risk. This ensures that no user, attacker or malware on a compromised device can disable, alter or remove the PAC file. With the AppgateSDP integration, enterprises can shift to a high-security SASE framework with industry-leading data and threat protection. This partnership means that the intelligence from the McAfee Enterprise ecosystem boosts the power of AppgateSDP, particularly for customers in the defense sector with the most stringent security requirements. Get secure access with confidence and zero compromise for all internet traffic, SaaS applications and private resources. No matter your users’ ultimate destination, protection and security are assured.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Patrick Greer - Solutions Architect
McAfee Enterprise

Jonathan Roy - Principal Security Architect
Appgate Federal

George Seffers - Director, Content Development and Executive Editor

Relevant Government Agencies

Air Force, Intelligence Agencies, DOD & Military, Other Federal Agencies

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Tue, Sep 21, 2021, 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

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