Real-Time Situational Awareness: Moving from Concept to Mission

Real-time situational awareness cross correlates everything from real-world mission to supply chain management and network administration. Technology is finally at a point where we can combine all these datasets to affect real-time decision making. Regardless of the use case, real-time situational awareness can be operationalized by unifying signals with datasets in a flexible, yet secure dashboard.

Elastic has years of experience providing these types of capabilities to many different groups. This webinar will share our best practice step-by-step guidance to help mission or operational leaders organize signals of interest, perform a dataset gap analysis, structure data ingest and correlation, and design customizable dashboards.

The payoff is in swiftly gaining the insights needed for decision dominance.

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Nathan Stacey - Principal Solutions Architect


Robert K. Ackerman - Editor in Chief
SIGNAL Magazine

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Intelligence Agencies, DOD & Military, Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government

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Tue, Oct 12, 2021, 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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