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The remote work force is here to stay. This relatively rapid expansion of the Air and Space Force’s digital footprint comes with a growing number of infrastructure challenges and cyber security threats, requiring leaders to re-assess how networks and services are delivered. While JADC2, zero trust, artificial intelligence, and machine learning remain at the forefront of most senior leader discussions today, many of these are dependent on an aging infrastructure unable to meet the demands of our warfighters today.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Winston Beauchamp

Winston Beauchamp (Opening Keynote )

Deputy Under Secretary for Space

U.S. Air Force


Jay Bonci

Jay Bonci (Closing Keynote)

CTO, Office of the Chief Information Officer

Department of the Air Force


Kenneth Gaines

Kenneth Gaines (Keynote Introducer)

Enterprise IT Program Manager

CACI International Inc


Chris Owen 

Chris Owen (Keynote Introducer)

Senior Program Director, Air Force IT



Jim Huso

Jim Huso (Moderator)

Enterprise Architect

CACI International Inc


Col Justin Collins

Col Justin Collins (Panelist)

AFLCMC/HNI Senior Material Leader

U.S. Air Force


Dr. Joe Besselman

Dr. Joe Besselman (Panelist)


U.S. Air Force


Brian Kropa

Brian Kropa (Panelist)

AFLCMC/HNI, Chief Engineer

U.S. Air Force


Chris Painter

Chris Painter (Panelist)

Vice President and Technical Director



Manish Parikh

Manish Parikh (Panelist)

CTO, Business and Information Technology Solutions Sector

CACI International Inc

Relevant Government Agencies

Air Force, Army, DOD & Military

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Wed, Dec 15, 2021, 8:00am - 10:45am


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Non Member Government:  $75.00
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Non Member:  $250.00

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