Selecting the Best Team Arrangement for Your Program

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This webinar will cover practical guidance and suggestions on how contracting officers can  incorporate the most effective teaming requirements into their solicitation per FAR 9.601, updated SBA regulations around joint ventures, and the All-Small Mentor Protégé program. 


There is often confusion around FAR 9.601 (Contractor Team Arrangement) on what is allowed, not allowed, and even encouraged from a teaming perspective. Usually, teaming is discussed from the perspective of industry, yet it is the government that takes on the risk when teams are formed to support a program. With the updated SBA regulations (November 2020) around joint ventures and the All-Small Mentor Protégé program, industry has even more options and flexibility at their disposal.  With the wide array of teaming options currently available for companies, how does that impact the government? What if you want to limit your risk by not having to allow or evaluate every subcontractor or awarding to joint ventures that might introduce risk for your program? 

This webinar is intended to give contracting officers practical guidance and suggestions on how to incorporate the right kind of teaming requirements (or limitations) into their solicitations. The presenter will cover practical guidance to encourage teaming, discourage teaming for certain circumstances, emphasize the prime offeror’s experience, and even limit how you might apply the newly updated small business regulations.


Learning Objectives:

  • Apply contractor team arrangements (Prime/Sub, Joint Venture, or Partnership) for specific types of solicitations through the use of best practices. 
  • Achieve the ideal mix of contractors for your program whether from the prime offeror, subcontractors, small business joint ventures, or All Small Mentor Protégé joint ventures
  • Recognize the industry’s viewpoint on teaming, their preferences, and how to accommodate (or refute) their requests around contractor team arrangements

Speaker and Presenter Information

Jeff Shen, President, Red Team Consultants

Relevant Government Agencies

Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government, State & Local Government

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Thu, Jan 13, 2022, 12:00pm - 1:30pm ET

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