Threat-informed Operational Technology (OT) Defense - Securing Data vs. Enabling Physics

Protecting critical infrastructure through Operational Technology (OT)/Industrial Control System (ICS) cyber defense is an ever-changing and evolving field required to continually adapt cybersecurity strategics to meet new challenges and threats—all while maintaining the safety and reliability of facilities and production operations.


The purpose of this survey is to poll organizations that operate OT systems– this includes ICS, OT, Distributed Control Systems (DCSes), SCADA and other control system environments that monitor or control processes and devices. The survey focuses on stakeholders’ current views of OT and ICS cyber defense. Survey topics include (1) Actual and perceived risks, (2) The impacts of cyber events, (3) The challenges of implementing OT cybersecurity, (4) OT cyber protection goals and (5) Investment levels for cyber defense.


The survey results will provide key takeaways including:

  • Illustrate OT/ICS cybersecurity concerns among respondents
  • Defining differences between IT Security and OT Security
  • Impacts of both targeted and non-targeted cyber events on OT/ICS
  • Actual and perceived risks and threats impacting critical infrastructure and all OT/ICS sectors
  • Key points for effectively managing cyber risk specific to OT/ICS, while maintaining the safety and reliability of operations.
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Dean Parsons

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Tue, Mar 8, 2022, 11:00am ET

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