AUSA's Noon Report | Risk: A User's Guide with Gen (R) Stanley McChrystal

AUSA’s Noon Report webinar series features presentations by senior Army leaders responsible for key programs and initiatives, as well as contemporary military authors who weave together the past, present and future story of the United States Army.


Please join us on Tuesday, 25 January 2022, at 1200 EST, to hear a presentation by retired Army General Stanley A. McChrystal, author of Risk: A User's Guide. All leaders must know how to face risk, whether in combat, business, or day-to-day life. Too many focus only on the probabilities of external threats instead of what can be done to prepare for them. McChrystal shows how to be ready to deal with risk in all forms.

Speaker and Presenter Information

General Stanley A. McChrystal
United States Army, Retired
Author of Risk: A User's Guide

General David G. Perkins
United States Army, Retired
AUSA Senior Fellow

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Army, DOD & Military, Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government, State & Local Government

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Tue, Jan 25, 2022, 12:00pm ET

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