FCW Workshop: Data Innovation

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Data has become the lifeblood of federal, state and local agencies’ missions, allowing more nimble, informed and effective operations and service. It drives almost every aspect of government services, from cyber threat detection, to mission critical support operations at civilian and military agencies, to externally-facing customer services.


Understanding how to harness that data and use it in new, innovative ways remains a continuing challenge and opportunity for government because of the quantity of data it must assess as it responds to the health and economic upheavals caused by the pandemic. Innovation in the evolving pandemic environment has become a necessity, not a luxury. Data has become a vital part of that requirement for government agencies, large and small.


Please join us for FCW’s 2022 Data Innovation Workshop to learn more about agency data innovation efforts.


Participants in this virtual event will come away with a better understanding of:

  • Data governance and compliance and the rise of the Chief Data Officer and data-driven culture
  • The impact of a federated data system and interoperability, instead of a “one size fits all” approach for data use
  • How agencies are addressing security and privacy issues
  • The ways innovative technologies, such as RPA and AI can provide insights  
  • The growing importance of data mining and analysis
  • How some government agencies are quickly developing and deploying innovative data-backed solutions.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Capt. Austin Herrling*

Chief Data Officer

U.S. Army Futures Command


Damian Kostiuk

Data Analytics Division Chief



Sanjay Koyani

Chief Technology Officer, ODIO

Department of Labor


David Markowitz

Chief Data Officer and Analytics Officer

U.S. Army


Thomas Santucci

Director, Data Center & Cloud Optimization Intiative PMO

General Services Administration


Courtney A. Winship

Deputy Chief Data Officer, Office of the Chief Data Office (OPQ)




*Pending Agency Approval

Relevant Government Agencies

Air Force, Army, Navy & Marine Corps, Intelligence Agencies, DOD & Military, Office of the President (includes OMB), Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, Dept of Health & Human Services, Dept of Homeland Security, Dept of Housing & Urban Development, Dept of the Interior, Dept of Justice, Dept of Labor, Dept of State, Dept of Transportation, Dept of Treasury, Dept of Veterans Affairs, EPA, GSA, USPS, SSA, NASA, Other Federal Agencies, City Government, FEMA, Office of Personnel Management, Coast Guard, National Institutes of Health, FAA, Census Bureau, USAID, National Guard Association, EEOC, Federal Government, State & Local Government, FDA, NSA, FCC

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Wed, Feb 23, 2022, 8:30am - 12:15pm ET


Government/Military:  $0.00
Industry/Contractor:  $199.00
Washington Technology Insider:  $165.00

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