IRS New Carrollton Federal Building (NCFB) Tech Expo

Everyone knows the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has a large and important job to do: collecting revenue to fund our government. But doing that is - of course - a huge undertaking, requiring a robust cyber and IT team to ensure accuracy, safety and security. Meet this team face-to-face at the IRS New Carrollton Federal Building (NCFB) Tech Expo. The NCFB houses both the IT and Procurment divisions of the IRS, making this event a smart choice for any technology company wanting to get their product or service in front of procurement and IT personnel and contractors. This always popular event has limited capacityWe recommend signing up as early as possible.

General Information:
The IRS New Carrollton Federal Building houses the IT functions for IRS including the Applications Development, Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Services and Management Associate CIO groups. As of 2015, the procurement functions from the IRS Oxon Hill Constellation Centre complex have moved into the New Carrollton Federal Building as well.

IRS Background Information:
The IRS employs more than 92,000 people in its Washington, D.C., headquarters and more than 650 offices in all 50 States, U.S. territories, and some U.S. embassies and consulates and relies extensively on computerized systems to support its financial and mission-related operations. As such, it must ensure that its computer systems are effectively secured to protect sensitive financial and taxpayer data. The IRS needs to ensure that it leverages viable technology advances as it modernizes its major systems and improves its overall operational environment. 

From Objective 5 of the IRS Strategic Plan:
"At the core of our operations is an IT infrastructure that has served us well for many years. We take pride in our ability to administer the Tax Code each filing season, and the strength of our IT systems and applications are a strong asset in doing so. We have implemented various initiatives in recent years to modernize our IT systems, enable daily return processing, improve the breadth of digital taxpayer services and enhance the security of our systems to successfully combat cyber threats. These efforts have been crucial to our success, and we must continue to innovate our technology systems over the next four years.
As taxpayers’ needs change, security threats increase and technologies evolve, we will invest in the appropriate technology and IT workforce skills to support and improve our operations. We will continue to reduce disparate IT systems and apply a common architecture to be more responsive to IRS business needs. We will bolster the security of our IT systems and enhance authentication capabilities to broaden digital services to taxpayers and stakeholders. Furthermore, we will apply technology to reduce our dependence on manual processing and equip our workforce with tools that improve their performance and provide greater workplace flexibility. By improving collaboration and governance between business and IT, we will ensure our technology capabilities meet the needs of taxpayers, partners and the IRS workforce.


  • Ensure a common, robust technology and data architecture exists to improve core tax administration, support cost-effective operations and protect IRS data, systems and networks from security breaches.
  • Develop the authentication capabilities and technology required to expand secure, digital services to taxpayers.
  • Enable electronic workflow that reduces or eliminates manual processing.
  • Further develop a flexible and agile technology environment that enables IT to better meet business needs.
  • Provide our workforce with reliable, advanced technology that enhances performance and enables flexibility."

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Wed, Nov 16, 2022, 9:30am - 1:00pm

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Upper Lobby & Cafeteria
5000 Ellin Road
Lanham, MD 20706
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