Data Management & Analytics Government Insights Spring Edition

Cutting Through Complexity to Deliver Clarity for Actionable Insights

Public sector data professionals have tremendous influence in shaping an equitable society. Whether this means properly contextualizing public health statistics, analyzing demographic data, or identifying economic disparities, the power of data is revolutionary. If, however, the public sector operates without coordination, meaningful progress can be challenging. How can public sector data professionals most effectively collaborate to transform mountains of data into equitable policies that shape our future and improve citizens’ lives?


It starts with data experts coming together with their peers to share their successes, obstacles, and lessons learned. What kinds of data are agencies collecting? What trends are emerging? And which gaps or overlaps exist? Agencies have a chance to discover connections, identify parallels, and reconcile contradictions between datasets in order to pursue innovative and equitable solutions. Whether you are a Data Scientist, a Chief Data Officer, a data governance professional, or anyone in the public sector who is determined to reimagine the way we use data to improve society, your input is essential.


Public Sector Network’s Government Data Insights: Spring Edition virtual event will bring together public sector data professionals across all levels of government from across the country to discuss a range of topics surrounding data and equity. Topics will include: how business intelligence tools communicate important analyses in a clear and simple way; how COVID-19 data has revealed disparities in healthcare access and health outcomes across different communities; and how fascinating ethical questions regarding data management impact 21st century government agencies. Join the conversation!

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Wed, Apr 6, 2022, 12:00pm - 2:50pm ET

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