Applying the Core Value Index Mapping for Criminal Justice Agencies

The Core Values Index (CVI) for criminal justice professionals is a detailed look at the most transformational solution currently utilized by police and sheriffs’ departments across the country — solutions that give law-enforcement leaders the ability to step towards their communities and rebuild trust while at the same time upholding justice. You will learn what faulty and failed solutions are trying to become standard, and see a solution that both policymakers and law enforcement leaders love.

During this webinar, audience members will learn:

  • The ability to understand how hardwiring affects use of force
  • How situational awareness can be joined to self-awareness
  • How to recognize what the moment calls for and bring what’s needed
  • Which officers are at risk and when
  • How to identify top performers and put them in the right position
  • How to care for officers professionally, personally, emotionally, and even spiritually

Speaker and Presenter Information

Justin Erickson is the President of Hardwired Coaching, a leadership training firm that uses the most reliable psychometric tools on the planet to measure hardwiring. Justin’s work has given some of the largest law enforcement and most strategic military installations the advantage of elite success. With solutions that police and sheriff’s departments love, Justin has brought timely and needed solutions in the face of our present uncertainty and chaos. His training is being utilized in diverse cities throughout the country where the officers themselves take the lead on “reform,” give an answer to those who are clamoring for other unacceptable solutions, and establish greater trust within the community.

Relevant Government Agencies

Dept of Justice, Judicial Branch Agencies, State Government, Municipal Government, State & Local Government

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Thu, Jun 16, 2022, 1:00pm - 2:15pm ET

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