Air National Guard Readiness Center @ Andrews AFB

Event Information:

This will be the first expo at the newly finished Air National Guard Readiness Center. The vendor expo will be open to all personnel including those recently relocated from the Jefferson Plaza Complex due to BRAC; it will also be supplemented by 70 attendees from co-located Senior Leaders Maintenance Conference, with personnel coming from bases across the country.

About the Air National Guard Readiness Center (ANGRC):

The Air National Guard Readiness Center (ANGRC) is based at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, and performs operational and technical functions to ensure combat readiness of Air Force National Guard units and is a channel of communication between the National Guard Bureau and the states on Air Force National Guard operational activities.

The Air National Guard Readiness Center is responsible for ensuring ANG Field Units are properly resourced to train and equip for State and Federal missions across the entire spectrum of Military Operations. They also provide unparalleled Wingman support sustaining ANG Airmen throughout the entire mission duration/career. By and with the States; Shape an ANG Leadership "Bench" highly capable of developing and executing corporate strategy in a transformational environment.

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