The Future of Government Cybersecurity: New Money, New Technologies

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Cybersecurity usually is at a disadvantage against bad actors. It must focus, first and foremost, on defense – protecting assets and information – while hostile interests keep finding new ways to launch their attacks, such as the rise of ransomware. Of Gartner's top seven trends in cybersecurity for 2022, a majority of them are about risks and playing defense.


To strengthen defenses, the infrastructure law signed by President Biden in November 2021 allocated $1 billion for grants to improve state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) agencies’ cybersecurity, while the budget plan for fiscal year 2023 allocates $10.9 billion for federal cybersecurity, up 11% from the previous year.


And in an attempt to “flip the script” and get ahead of threats, an investment fund supported by the White House is looking to invest in “deep technologies” such as AI and quantum computing that have cybersecurity applications.


Join us as thought leaders from government and industry discuss the trends in cybersecurity that have the potential to change the landscape.

Speaker and Presenter Information

 Aliscia Andrews  Aliscia Andrews
 Deputy Secretary of Cybersecurity,
 Commonwealth of Virginia 
 Ray Yepes  Ray Yepes  
 Chief Information Security Officer,
 State of Colorado 
 Steven Hernandez  Steven Hernandez  
 Chief Information Security Officer,
 Department of Education 
 Michael Mestrovich
 Michael Mestrovich  
 CISO, Rubrik &
 Former CISO for the CIA 
 Chris Letterman
 Chris Letterman  
 State of Alaska 
 Samy Bouhaouala  Samy Bouhaouala
 Senior Manager,
 Security and Cyber Solutions,
 Accenture Federal 
 Brad Bowers  Brad Bowers 
 Global CISO
 SHI International Corp.
 Jane Norris
 Jane Norris 
 Discussion Moderator and Contributing Editor,



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Thu, Aug 25, 2022, 2:00pm - 3:30pm ET

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