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The Eggler Institute of Technology provides professional development courses in capability design, systems engineering, MBSE, leadership, and military technology. In partnership with NDIA's Business Institute, the following courses will be offered in an on-demand format:

  • Online Military Vehicle Technology & Mobility (Advanced) 

An ideal course to learn the fundamental technical and operational factors at play in the design of modern combat, logistics and amphibious vehicles.  Covering 40 hours and 12 modules, you will receive expert instruction in general military vehicle design principles, automotive performance, vehicle dynamics and mobility.

  • Fundamentals of Capability Systems Design

An excellent introduction into the fundamentals of capability systems design that provides an easy to understand and practical approach to the definition and design of complex military capability systems.  This course has been specifically developed for requirement developers, systems engineers, project managers and ILS professionals.

  • Introduction to Military Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicles

This two-hour course provides an excellent overview of the state of play concerning military hybrid electric vehicle development and the current technical barriers to rapid adoption of this technology in the military domain.

  • Capability System Design Workshop

For those seeking a more hands-on approach to learning about capability systems design, this excellent 16 hour short course steps through the key processes and steps underpinning the early definition and development of military capabilities.

  • Model Based Systems Engineering Workshop

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is rapidly becoming the standard approach to the design and development of new complex systems.  This excellent course provides unique insights into the practical application of the MBSE method and why it offers great opportunities to improve system design compared to ‘document-centred’ approaches.  The course uses a simple-to-learn and easy-to-use modelling tool.

  • Online Certificate in Military Vehicle Technology

The online Certificate in Military Vehicle Technology provides an in-depth and absorbing study into military vehicle technology and access to must-know knowledge about combat vehicle, logistic vehicle and amphibious vehicle design.  Over the course of 150 hours, you will learn essential knowledge and skills needed by professionals working in government and industry on complex military vehicle programs.

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Sat, Oct 1, 2022


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