2023 Industrial Space Defense Summit

Space has gone through a myriad of consequential changes since mankind entered the domain, and today, it is not a benign environment. The commercialization and democratization of space has created a highly-competitive landscape that simultaneously drives innovation and poses significant risks to countries that cannot keep up.


The U.S. must develop and deploy innovative solutions at the speed of relevance to keep pace with adversaries, ensure the country’s space superiority, protect critical systems and maintain national security. 


Join the Potomac Officers Club’s 3rd Annual Industrial Space Defense Summit to hear government and industry space leaders discuss advancements in space defense technologies, the importance of building a viable industrial base in space and the critical role of public-private partnerships in the nation’s defenses across a volatile domain.

Speaker and Presenter Information

John D. Hill

DASD John D. Hill (Keynote Speaker)

Deputy Assistant Secretary Space and Missile Defense

Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy [SP]

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)


Hon. Frank Calvelli

Hon. Frank Calvelli (Keynote Speaker)

Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space Acquisition and Integration

U.S. Department of the Air Force


Laura DeSimone

Laura DeSimone (Keynote Speaker)
Executive Director
Missile Defense Agency (MDA)


John Moberly

John Moberly (Keynote Introducer)

Senior Vice President, Space



Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee (Keynote Introducer)
Plant Manager, Lynchburg Technology Center
BWX Technologies Inc


Liz Newton

Liz Newton (Keynote Introducer)
Chief Operating Officer
BWX Technologies Inc


Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly (Moderator)

Director of Space & Emerging Programs
BWX Technologies Inc


Steven Meier

Steven Meier (Panelist)

Director, Naval Center for Space Technology

Naval Research Laboratory


Lt Col Jonathan Shea

Lt Col Jonathan Shea (Panelist)

Materiel Leader and Director, DoD Space Test Program (DoD STP)

Space Systems Command


Lt Col Dan Visosky

Colonel Dan Visosky (Panelist)

Chief, Space Control Division, Space Programs Directorate [SAF/SQS]
U.S. Space Force


Col Stephen Landry

Col Stephen Landry (Panelist)
Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Chief Technology and Innovation Office
U.S. Space Force
Stephanie Possehl

Stephanie Possehl (Panelist)

Director, Space & Missile Defense

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)




Relevant Government Agencies

Air Force, DOD & Military, Federal Government

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Thu, Apr 27, 2023, 7:00am - 12:30pm


Registration:  $475.00

7920 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102
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