Accelerating Developer Productivity With Red Hat Developer Hub

Red Hat and Deloitte hosted a webinar for attendees to discover how federal law enforcement agencies can reduce cognitive load, minimize friction and improve daily operations for development teams. Attendees learned how to allocate more time to efficient feature delivery and collaborative work while maintaining adherence to security and compliance standards.


The Red Hat Developer Hub is an enterprise-grade Internal Developer Portal (IDP) featuring customizable “Golden Path” templates. It provides development teams with quick, self-service access to tools, CI/CD pipelines, repositories, APIs, documentation, and more for a seamless development experience.


In this webinar, attendees learned how the Developer Hub:

  • Reduces developer challenges such as tool overload, excessive bookmarks, and lack of knowledge about accessing environments, repositories, APIs, and documentation.
  • Decreases onboarding and integration lag times, enabling new developers to become productive quickly
  • Explores key features and tools, including a comprehensive selection of plug-ins for seamless access to CI/CD pipelines, environments, container orchestration, and advanced security features.
  • Handles best practices and use cases, showcasing tailored implementations to meet the needs of various teams and scenarios.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Sompop Noiwan, App Innovation Advisor, Red Hat


Adam Sykes, Manager, Deloitte Engineering

Relevant Government Agencies

Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government



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On-Demand Webcast

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