Next-Gen AI for Government: Optimize Performance and Efficiency with Cloudera & NVIDIA

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Government agencies face a multitude of pressures to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced citizen services. Increasing demands for transparency, accountability, and responsiveness require innovative solutions. However, translating pilot AI projects into operational realities can be a complex challenge. Data silos, inconvenient development processes, and ensuring model fairness and explainability can hinder the speed at which agencies harness the full potential of AI.


Join us to explore proven strategies for transitioning generative AI projects from pilot to production, including:

  • Optimized inference for robust performance across diverse workloads with Cloudera's powerful data platform
  • Seamless data integration facilitated by Cloudera DataFlow, streamlining LLM development processes
  • Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs for efficient model training, ensuring high performance and scalability
  • Utilizing NVIDIA RAPIDS for accelerated data processing, enhancing the efficiency of model development
  • How to build and deploy Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) applications for practical use cases, such as code completion, chatbot development, and document summarization

Discover how this integrated solution empowers agencies to unlock the value of their enterprise data and drive transformative AI workflows.

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Nasheb Ismaily, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Cloudera Government Solutions Inc.

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Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government, State & Local Government

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Tue, Aug 13, 2024, 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

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