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2021 National Security Forum
National security threats are constantly evolving and changing, and the government must stay a step ahead of those changes. While it’s relatively easy to prepare for known threats, anticipating and preparing for the threats of the future is a different task. In this National Security Summit, Defense One and Nextgov will convene key leaders from the Department of Defense and intelligence community to discuss the most pressing national sec...
October 27, 2021
Organizer: Nextgov
Location: Webcast
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Genius Machines 2021 | Part 4
Artificial intelligence has evolved from a staple of science fiction to a real world, strategic priority of the United States. Increases in computing power and the emergence of large data sets to train ever more powerful machine learning algorithms have created real world applications and success stories. During this year-long series, Defense One and Nextgov will explore all aspects of artificial intelligence and its applications in government.
October 28, 2021
Organizer: NextGov
Location: Webcast
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Cyber Threat Hunting In The Defense Ind...
Panelists will discuss the feasibility and suitability of a cybersecurity threat hunting program on Defense Industrial Base networks, as envisioned by the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act. Such an initiative, which would be intended to identify cyber threats and vulnerabilities within the defense industrial base, is fraught with challenges: Would the threat hunting be conducted by the company, the government, or an outside vendor? How...
November 9, 2021
Organizer: Defense One
Location: Webcast
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