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Dcode Virtual: Navy Assistant Secretary...
Tune in for a discussion with our CEO Meagan Metzger and Assistant Secretary of the Navy James “Hondo” Geurts about the Department of Defense’s role in responding to the pandemic, lessons learned from widespread telework, and more. To be the first to know about Dcode events, sign up for our newsletter at
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Booz Allen Hamilton Chief Innovation Of...
Tune in to hear a unique perspective on the challenges facing firms working in the federal market during Covid-19 as Booz Allen Hamilton’s executive vice president and chief innovation officer Susan Penfield joins us to discuss tech disruption, teaming with startups, retaining tech talent, and upskilling workers for the future. To be the first to know about Dcode events, sign up for our newsletter at
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Assistant Secretary of the Air Force fo...
Don’t miss the chance to hear from Air Force Assistant Secretary Dr. Will Roper about the economic and national security impact of Covid-19 on the U.S. innovation ecosystem and how the DoD and AFVentures can engage the emerging technology market during crises. To be the first to know about Dcode events, sign up for our newsletter at
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Amazon Web Services Vice President Dave Levy
Join us for a live, virtual discussion with Dave Levy, Vice President of Amazon Web Services. Learn about how his experience working with the government has evolved from his time at Apple to now at AWS and how emerging tech companies and the U.S. government can get better at working together. Plus, you can include any questions you have in the registration form! To be the first to know about Dcode events, sign up for our newsletter at
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Microsoft Federal CTO Susie Adams
Join us for a live, virtual discussion with Microsoft Federal CTO Susie Adams. We’ll cover emerging tech, transforming the government’s tech stack, and more! To be the first to know about Dcode events, sign up for our newsletter at
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Emerging Tecnologies for Smart, Resilie...
How can geographic information systems (GIS) increase your agency’s facilities’ effectiveness, resources and management? View our on-demand webcast to learn how the convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and GIS technology enables government facilities and installations to work smarter. This ability to work smarter is critical because government installations are large-scale, complex facilities that cost the government hundred...
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Visit the AccessData BrightTALK Webinar...
Sign up for live webinars or browse through our on-demand content. Topics range from forensics and cybersecurity to e-discovery and what to do in the event of a data breach.
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Genius Machines San Diego
Couldn't attend our Genius Machines: West Coast Winds of Change event in person? Gain access to the recording instead! In the last five years, the tools used in defense have evolved from a staple of science fiction to a real-world magnet for large-scale investment. In San Diego, these developments are happening around the Pacific, as technology experts in the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps create new tools to secure air, land, sea and space....
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Webinar: How the GREAT Act Will Moderni...
In December 2019 the President signed the Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency (GREAT) Act of 2019. The bipartisan GREAT Act transforms federal grant reporting for the modern era by directing federal agencies to modernize and improve reporting processes. Recipients of federal grants — universities, fire departments, police stations, hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters, non-profits, and others — will be able t...
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Dcode Virtual: Improving Cyber Posture...
The coronavirus outbreak emphasizes the need to bring the best emerging tech solutions into the government as adversaries have already shown that they are using this vulnerable time to attack the U.S. government. Join Dcode’s cyber expert Lauren Strayhorn to discuss these challenges and some of the best solutions to keep infrastructure secure, even while teleworking.
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