3rd SmallSat & Space Access Summit

The 2020 SmallSat & Space Access Summit will convene members of the DoD, IC, and space industry to address the role small satellite capabilities play realizing critical national security goals. Senior leaders will discuss how these SmallSat technologies can be leveraged to fulfill urgent defense, scientific, and commercial needs. Attendees at the Summit will have the unique opportunity to hear from leading US Government officials about ensuring undeterred space access, improving satellite technologies, advancing launch capabilities, and the future national hybrid space architecture.


Historically, satellites have been massive in size and expensive to both develop and launch. In the past, this has limited both flexibility in and access to space. Today, the US has turned its attention toward the advancement of small satellites, which are often more cost-effective and pragmatic. The advantages of small satellites are not just their drastically reduced cost, but also their ease of launch, mission flexibility and ability to strengthen overall capability in the space domain.


Defense Strategies Institute’s 3rd Annual SmallSat and Space Access Summit will address the development of SmallSat technologies and the challenges of achieving successful vehicle launches. Speakers will examine the policies for, and acquisition and development of, space capabilities aimed at ensuring US superiority in both national defense and scientific contexts. Furthermore, this event will highlight the role of commercial partners in furthering R&D and the development of a hybrid space architecture for national defense.


Speaker and Presenter Information

2020 Confirmed Speakers Include:

Dr. Derek Tournear, SES
Space Development Agency

Dr. Karen St. Germain
Director, Earth Science Division
Science Mission Directorate

Brig Gen Wayne Monteith, USAF (Ret)
Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation

Lt Gen Larry James (Ret), USAF
Deputy Director
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Pete Muend
Director, Commercial Systems Program Office
National Reconnaissance Office

Col Russell Teehan, USAF
Space Portfolio Architect
Space and Missile Systems Center

Expected Number of Attendees


Relevant Government Agencies

Air Force, Army, Navy & Marine Corps, DOD & Military, Dept of Homeland Security, NASA, FAA, Federal Government

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