Gaining Time With Virtual Meetings

virtualEarlier this year we wrote about the decision making involved in deciding to plan and carry out a virtual event.  Beyond large events and conferences, a virtual environment can be effective for training and group brainstorming. In fact, sometimes a virtual meeting can be more effective than an in-person one. In this blog post from HP, they show that a 20 person brainstorming kick-off meeting was successfully completed in just 40 minutes as opposed to what traditionally would have been a half day event. By allowing participants to type in their ideas to a virtual whiteboard, all participants could concurrently see ideas and begin expanding on them.

This success in efficiency is not guaranteed; there is a lot of planning that goes into setting up a virtual meeting for success. Continue reading

Introducing the GovEvents Member Resource Center

MRCWe’re proud to announce the addition of a new feature here on GovEvents – The Member Resource Center. This area of the site was designed to give our government and military audience access to lists of vendors they may need in their event planning and attendance as well as in their day-to-day business. With this launch we are inviting our vendor members to populate the resource center which we will promote to our 50,000 members.

Event-related categories on the center include: Continue reading

Incorporating Continuing Education into Events

CECThe school year may be wrapping up, but in the professional world, education is a year-long endeavor. Many people including medical professionals, engineers, finance professionals, and lawyers require continuing education to maintain licenses. Even if there is not a license involved, many . Some, in fact, require a certain number of continuing education credits even without a tie to a license. So how do you build this benefit into your events?

There are many types of professional learning credits, but the two most common are: Continue reading

Amtower & Co. Launches Professional Education Program for Government Contractors

0dd3998Amtower & Company, a leader in providing marketing consultation services and workshops to government contractors has formally launched the Government Market Master Continuing Professional Education program for marketing and business development.

According to Mark Amtower, “the Government Market Master program is designed to do one thing very well: provide an ongoing educational forum for government contractors who want to succeed by providing key employees with the resources and industry best marketing practices they need. These include tools and tactics to cost-efficiently market and position the company, methods to expand their respective networks, connect to key decision makers in both client agencies and business partner companies, build subject matter expert platforms, and to fill the pipeline for their respective companies with the most qualified leads available.”

Amtower has offered B2G marketing seminars and workshops since 1991. He is recognized across the government contracting community as a leading provider of B2G marketing advice and education. He speaks frequently at industry events, hosts the weekly Amtower Off Center on Federal News Radio, and is the author of Amazon best-seller Selling to the Government.

“We think the time is long overdue for professional recognition for marketing and BD professionals in the government contracting, so we are formalizing our educational offering into the first certification program for B2G marketing professionals under the Government Market Master Continuing Professional Education program.”

The certification will require attendance and participation in six 4-hour workshops:

  • B2G Content Marketing Workshop
  • LinkedIn for GovCon
  • Government Marketing Best Practices Workshop (GMBP)
  • Differentiation & Developing a Subject Matter Expert Platform Workshop
  • PR/Media Relations & Communicating Your Message
  • B2G Basic Market Research

To learn more about this program, contact Mark Amtower.

Mark Amtower | 301-854-9493 |

What’s a Hackathon and Why Would I Want One?

hackathonThe name ‘hackathon’ conjures up images of a room full of computers and intense, college-age programmers typing away trying to break the security of sites. While that intensity and innovation may have been the inspiration for these events, today hackathons are being used for good.

Hackathons are defined broadly as a place where programmers collaboratively code with a specific project or focus. The roots of these gatherings are found in the open source community, but many events today produce a product that will be owned by a company or organization.

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