Cybersecurity Awareness Month – A Look Ahead

CybersecurityOctober has been designated Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In 2009, President Obama recognized the need to increase education and dialogue about cybersecurity. As part of this policy review, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was asked to create an ongoing cybersecurity awareness campaign. The Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign that is highlighted in the month of October is a national public awareness effort challenging the American public to be more vigilant about practicing safer online habits.

With this attention on the far ranging topic of cybersecurity, a number of events are planned for the IT community to educate and collaborate. In this post we wanted to highlight the range of events professionals have to choose from this month.

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Way Beyond the Beltway: Events in Alaska

1alaksaAs was likely the response to our post on events in Hawaii, you’re probably thinking there is no way Alaska makes sense for your event. While that may be the case for many, it is worth noting that in Alaska nearly 30% of the workforce are  government workers.  Relatively close by, Washington state also has an above average number of government employees.

Current federal job openings across the state show a wide variety of job types and departments. From Interior, to Justice, to Defense, to Commerce, there is a broad range of federal programs and work across the state. If you think travel cutbacks have been hard in your department, imagine how staff in Alaska feel when every training event requires a lengthy plane ride and hotel stay. It just may be worth taking your message and event to the “last frontier.” It might even help you stand out from the competition.

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Kofax: Secrets to a Successful Tradeshow Experience

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here’s something we wanted to share:

Originally posted on Kofax Advisor

You just hSecrets to a Successful Tradeshowit submit and registered for Oracle Open World. Visions of large convention halls, bright lights, and jet-level audio can make your head spin. It’s time to map out your game plan. We’re here to help.

Here are some insights that will make your experience successful and more enjoyable.

Start Your Research

  • Jot down a list of questions you want to find answers to including a list of subjects you want to learn more about.
  • Install the conference “app.” Sometimes it’s just a mobile enabled website schedule and other times it is a full-blown application with tools and schedules allowing you to get the most out of the convention. Either way, it is a great way to organize your time.

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GSA applying its IT model to overhaul of services schedules

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here’s something we wanted to share:

1gsaOriginally posted on

The General Services Administration wants to make it easier for agencies to buy professional, management, technology and a host of other kinds of services from the schedule contracts. To that end, GSA will consolidate seven different professional services contracts into what could end up being one mega- schedule.

Tiffany Hixson, GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service’s professional services category executive, said the goal is to consolidate the schedules of as many as 500 vendors by November 2015.

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Back to Basics: 5 Tips on Selecting a Venue

backtobasicWith back to school behind us, new routines are set and starting to feel comfortable. Most of us love a familiar routine and familiar places. That’s why we may go out of our way to hit our favorite coffee shop. But this comfort in routine can make our events a bit stale.

Are you always planning events at the same locations? Are your events at the same venues that are also used by organizations in your industry? Maybe its time to step out of the comfort zone and pick a new spot to add some new life to your events.

In choosing a new venue think first about what you like best about your old standby venues. Is it the service? Décor? Food? Location? AV equipment? Then put that criteria at the top of your list for selecting a new venue. Can they meet or exceed your expectations?

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