7 Creative Ideas to Attract New Attendees to Your Event

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here’s something we wanted to share:

Originally posted on BizBash.com

111Check out these strategies focused on getting first-timers to your trade show or conference.

Smart planners know they can’t rely on the same database of attendees year after year to fill their events. But how do you reach new people? Consider using some of these practical strategies from other trade shows and conferences.

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Breath of Fresh Air: Outdoor Event Spaces in DC

1outdoorWith it being so hot and sticky now, thinking about outdoor events may be a bit painful, but for event planners looking to book space for spring 2015 events outdoors may be the place to be. We’ve compiled a list of some of the hot spots that provide outdoor space for networking, cocktail receptions, or even lunch.

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Measure Twice Cut Once

1mesureThe adage, “measure twice cut once” is used in the construction and DIY market to remind people to always confirm measurements to avoid costly mistakes (that cannot be undone). This same principle applies to event planning. No matter how silly it may feel (Hi, hotel? Just wanted to make sure my conference of 1000 people is on the books for this date.), confirming all details well in advance of the event is a critical step in making sure everything goes smoothly once you are onsite.

This article provided a helpful checklist of confirmations.  We wanted to take a moment to delve into a couple of these in greater detail.

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Beyond the Beltway: San Antonio

1 San AnContinuing our Beyond the Beltway series, today we’ll take a look at some unique event locations in San Antonio Texas. As we’ve posted before, downsizing and holding more events is a smart response to travel budget and time pressures government employees face.

San Antonio’s relatively central location in Texas makes it an accessible location for attendees throughout the state and in neighboring states. Texas has the third highest concentration of federal employees in the nation. The state boasts 20 military bases spanning the Air Force, Army, and Navy. In addition to DoD personnel, there are large operations for Veterans Affairs, Treasury Department, and NASA.

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Mastering the 3 “M”s

CWImediatraining_440x80There’s a reporter on the phone. Now what?

In today’s competitive technology market, it’s important to tell a compelling story while remaining on message, especially when the media calls. Joanne Connelly, President and CEO of ConnellyWorks, Inc. – a full service technology marketing communications agency – and former Editor of Federal Computer Week, knows it’s critical for companies to be able to respond effectively when the press is calling.

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