We Want You: To Provide Cybersecurity Training


We are continuing our focus on cybersecurity as we roll through October, the official month for cybersecurity awareness. Here at GovEvents we feel there is a strong connection between awareness and training. There has been wide reporting about the shortage of trained cyber professionals. So how do we get qualified (and interested) professionals up to speed on the practice of cybersecurity?

As we mentioned in a post this summer, cybersecurity is among the most common topics for events listed on GovEvents.com. There are a wide variety of events from panel discussions sharing lessons learned to specific technology demos and trainings. Given the need for more professionals, in-depth hands on training may be the most needed type of event. Continue reading

User Error: Training Your Organization Around Basic Security Threats

CSAWith October recognized as cybersecurity awareness month, we have been giving some thoughts to the areas of cybersecurity where events and training can make a big difference. One area that jumped to mind was general cybersecurity awareness training for all members of your organization.

In talking about “insider threat” most people think of the recent Snowden/NSA case where a credentialed and background cleared employee knowingly leaked data  he rightfully had access to. But insider threat is more than that. It is also accidental data leaks, breeches, and security violations. You may have great virus protection, firewall technology, even continuous monitoring devices, but one errant click by an employee can bring your IT system to its knees. Continue reading

Avoid These Top 20 Sins of Exhibiting

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here’s something we wanted to share:

Originally posted on www.eventmanagerblog.com

Time and time again I witness exhibitors making the same common mistakes at exhibitions. Avoid these top 20 sins of exhibiting to ensure that you maximise your investment and have the best chance of achieving your objectives from every show!


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Defining the Value of Face to Face Events

Knowing that attendees have to justify their attendance, successful event planners have built in ways for people to see ROI in their event.

As we emerge from government fiscal year-end and start planning for calendar year 2015, it is a good time to look at how to budget for (or use budget already allocated to) face-to-face events. Whether you are planning events or looking to attend, the ROI of these events is critical.

Amidst reports of travel budgets being cut and general tightening of overhead budgets, there is a lot of optimism for real-time events. Earlier this year, EXHIBITOR Magazine surveyed professionals in the event industry (across all sectors, not just government). Overall, the survey found that 77% said trade show budgets had increased or stayed the same over the past year. Continue reading

25 Tips for Content Creation at Events and Conferences

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here’s something we wanted to share:

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At last week’s “Creating Fantastic Blog Content” presentation and webinar, we discussed events as treasure troves of content creation. While I offered this comment as a “headline” during the presentations, we did not cover much about what specific content creation opportunities exist for event organizers.

To answer questions about what all these content creation opportunities might be at events, here is a starting list of twenty-five you can consider as possibilities when planning and conducting (or even attending) your next event, conference, or gathering:

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