New DC Event Spaces for the New Year

It's always a good practice to reflect on what's working and what can be improved as we draw closer to closing out another calendar year. Today, we wanted to take a look at some of the newer event space options in Washington, DC.

While the place you hold your event surely is not as important as the content you provide, it can have a big impact on the experience and anticipation for the event. Old stand-by locations are great as they are familiar to attendees - they know how to get there, where to park, and where the best outlets are for charging devices. But if you are looking to attract a different type of attendee or launching a completely new event or format, it might make sense to sweeten the interest by holding it in a new and creative location. Continue reading

Tale of Two Cities: Social DC and Federal DC

Washington, DC is a city with many sides to its personality and vibe. There is the social circuit defined by extravagance, power  and wealth, and an event circuit more recognizable by our readers--one defined by restraint in an effort to not break any ethics rules. The Washington Post recently ran an article about how even the traditional Washington social circles are working hard to attract the right guests to their parties and the changes they are looking to make. [Tweet "Tale of Two Cities: Social DC and Federal DC #GovEventsBlog"]

While the events listed on GovEvents do not have the budget or the purpose of these more social, fundraising events, there are some lessons we can take away from these gatherings to make them more attractive and memorable. Continue reading

OPM Encourages D.C.-Area Feds to Telework During Africa Summit Next Week

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here's something we wanted to share:
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The Office of Personnel Management has asked federal agencies to consider allowing employees in Washington, D.C., to telework early next week during President Obama's summit with African leaders, which is expected to cause major traffic headaches in the city.

OPM "strongly recommends" that agencies consider telework on Aug. 4-6, "to keep the government operating normally while helping to minimize traffic congestion" during the event. Traffic is expected to be particularly bad on Aug. 5 and Aug. 6 due to road closures, the agency said in a memo to chief human capital officers.

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Breath of Fresh Air: Outdoor Event Spaces in DC

With it being so hot and sticky now, thinking about outdoor events may be a bit painful, but for event planners looking to book space for spring 2015 events outdoors may be the place to be. We've compiled a list of some of the hot spots that provide outdoor space for networking, cocktail receptions, or even lunch.

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FedCyber Summit: Community engagement is needed now more than ever

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Cyber practitioners in the federal sector have always needed better ways to collaborate and coordinate and have always been on the lookout for new ways to address challenges. But this year it is especially important. Attacks are up, funds to modernize have been zeroed out, staff has been reduced and now on top of that the shutdown has made things even harder. Meanwhile critical information still needs protecting and adversaries remain as persistent as ever.

This means it is more important than ever to find new ideas to better defend our infrastructure.

We have crafted the agenda of the Third Annual FedCyber Summit (6 Nov 2013) to do just that.

For details and to sign up visit:

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