The Data Center Takes Center Stage

The Data Center is at the heart of our information-centric world and as such is key to government IT modernization efforts. Recognizing this, the Federal government introduced the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) in 2016 that requires agencies to meet specific consolidation, energy efficiency, and cost reduction goals by 2019. This initiative is an extension of and supercedes the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), which focused primarily on reducing the data center real estate footprint. The investigation into data center utilization resulted in the closure of 1,900 data centers and nearly $1 billion in savings. DCOI operates on a similar premise of looking at underperforming data center assets, but extends the examination to energy efficiency and cost impacts.

To stay on track for the 2019 deadline, agencies will have to show they meet the following metrics by September 2018: Continue reading

Innovation at Work in Government

Reading through the Federal IT media and even mainstream media we are seeing two words in close proximity fairly frequently - government and innovation. These two words once thought to be polar opposites are now enjoying a new relationship. On the whole, government agencies are being encouraged to step away from the, "this is how we've always done it" mentality and looking for ways to deliver government to the people in a more modern and efficient way. Much of this encouragement is in the form of mandates as well as out of necessity with aging legacy infrastructures.

So how is this innovation happening? First, there are organizations designed to help agencies make the shift from traditional government thinking to a more forward-leaning, private sector model of technology development and change management.

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Trump signs cyber EO promoting IT modernization, shared services

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here's something we wanted to share:

Agencies should no longer be on an island when it comes to cybersecurity. The White House is requiring agencies to take an enterprise approach to cyber risk assessment and mitigation, and stop protecting their networks and data as if their efforts don't impact their fellow departments.

President Donald Trump signed the much anticipated and long-waited executive order refocusing the federal cybersecurity efforts around three broad categories:

  • Protecting federal networks
  • Protecting critical infrastructure
  • Securing the nation through deterrence, international cooperation and the workforce.

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High Tech, Low Budget: Tech-ing Up Your Event

The vast majority of events listed on GovEvents are technology related. However, the events themselves tend to be manual and paper-based. This reliance on the "old-school" way of doing things is often driven by time and money (or lack thereof).

Events as marketing tools are an expense so keeping spending in check is critical to producing a return on the investment. Often, these events are organized by a small staff with other job responsibilities beyond planning the event. Knowing this, it's understandable to default to the "way we've always done it." This "status quo" thinking might keep the expenses low but ROI will continue to fall as less people attend a show they see as stuck in the past.

We've pulled together some ideas on how to affordably add tech to your events to increase your relevance without increasing bottom line spending.

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Public Service Recognition (PSRW) – Celebration Toolkit

Each year the President and Congress designate the first full week of May as Public Service Recognition Week in honor of the men and women who serve America as federal, state, county and local government employees. We hope you will join GovEvents in celebrating our civilian and military public servants this year. Public Service Recognition Week highlights the accomplishments of the dedicated public servants who work tirelessly on behalf of all Americans and who rarely get the credit they deserve.


The Partnership for Public Service and the Public Employees Roundtable (PER) have developed a guide to help you observe Public Service Recognition Week, taking place May 7-13, 2017, in your communities. GovEvents would like to share that guide with our members and audience:


There are many ways to celebrate public servants in your community during Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW). Ideas range from sending letters to public employees to organizing a celebration showcasing the work of government agencies in your local area. To help you get started, we put together our top 10 celebration suggestions. For our full list of suggestions, please download the complete How to Celebrate PSRW Guide.


We hope this online toolkit will help you observe PSRW in a simple, fun, low-cost way while honoring public employees that work so diligently on our behalf every day. We've included resources to help facilitate your participation in PSRW whether you are from a government agency, Federal Executive Board (FEB), military base or school. In particular, these are ideas and tools to help you reach out to your community, educators and the media.


We invite individuals and organizations alike to participate in our PSRW White Board campaign. Start by downloading the White Board guide from the PSRW Resources in the right-hand column of this page. You can also find examples on our Facebook and Instagram pages.