DoD’s Efforts to Make Emerging Technology Established Technology

The U.S. Department of Defense's (DoD) shift from a focus on counterterrorism to one of near-peer rivals has highlighted the need to incorporate emerging technologies into the DoD faster than ever before. To keep up with the technological advances of peer nations, it is critical that the DoD speed the time to the field of technologies that can give our troops an advantage in terms of intelligence, data sharing, and visibility. But in this need for speed, the security and the reliability of these solutions cannot be ignored.

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Recognizing and Celebrating Women in Technology

March is Women's History Month, a time to reflect on the contributions women have made to history, culture, and society. The technology industry is one area where the contribution of women has been greatly under-reported. In fact, some of the innovations that are the cornerstone of today's tech were developed by women. Continue reading

The Growing Impact of IoT

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) to manage infrastructure and services is not a new concept, but response to the new normal of pandemic life, natural disasters, and the implementation of 5G networks all could accelerate the implementation of IoT solutions.

Remote Management

Stay-at-home orders, social distancing measures, and backlogged inspection schedules all combine to make a great case for implementing sensors and other IoT devices as part of infrastructure management. With technology providing data on the status of equipment, facilities, and general infrastructure like roads and bridges, the need to deploy inspectors to the field can be minimized. In the short term, this reduces potential points of exposure for inspectors and field staff. Longer term, it adds a new "colleague" to field management teams. IoT can handle routine, low risk monitoring, freeing up humans to focus on more complex or higher priority tasks and activities.

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Beyond the Beltway: San Diego

As part of an ongoing series, we're looking at unique event locations in cities nation-wide. With government travel budgets cut, holding smaller events in multiple locations is a prudent way to continue to reach people with live events.

San Diego has a huge population of military personnel and employees. The metro areas boasts three Marine Corps bases, three Navy installations, and a large Coast Guard presence. The military presence is so large in the area, that the professional baseball team, the San Diego Padres, wear camouflage uniforms for every Sunday home game. The city is also within easy driving distance from Los Angeles and is easily accessed from Nevada and Arizona.

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Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event: First-hand reporting on DoD and USN budgets and future procurements

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This week in San Diego, over 1100 registrants heard presentations on how to do business with the Navy. Although billed as a Small Business event, it was equally attended by small, medium and large industries - all hoping to improve their understanding of the upcoming opportunities.

The event was well organized and the information presented was valuable, however this year there were only TWO of the systems commands presenting: NAVFAC and SPAWAR. Unlike years past, there was no representation from NAVAIR, NAVSEA, ONR, NAVFAC and NAVSUP. This was a huge disappointment to the crowd and will cause attendees to reevaluate future interest in attending. However, if your pursuits were in the Construction or Command and Control sectors, there was still considerable information to be gleaned.

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